Samuel Williams papers  1814-1856
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Box   53, Small Collections  
D. Bell letters [series]
Folder   28  
  1777 June 10 . D[aniel] Bell, Jr. ALS to Mr. [Daniel] Bell; [Saint Lawrence River] and "Isle of Bic." (5 pages)
Has arrived at the Saint Lawrence River, bound for the Isle of Bic, after a lengthy and disagreeable transatlantic voyage. Description of bad weather and rough passage, including difficulty eating meals and injuries sustained when Bell fell onto a gun and into a group of bayonets. Encounters with friendly ships initially thought to be enemy vessels, one of which fired its guns to celebrate the King's birthday. Admiration for ill sailors who helped secure the ship when expecting engagements with the enemy. Arrival at Isle of Bic after 7 weeks, 6 days' travel from Portsmouth, [England]. Admiration for local man who ate only game that he himself had killed.
  1777 July 23 . [Daniel Bell, Jr.] AL to [Daniel Bell]; Québec. (4 pages)
Fragment. Disappointment after receiving no letters from England. Desire for Miss Scriven and family to be treated well should they visit England. Fly fishing, cock shooting, and other sporting activities in North America. Differences between North American and English birds and fish. Plans to travel to New York after communication is opened. Desire to return to England within the year. New report of General Burgoyne's capture of Fort Ticonderoga.
  1777 August 4-5 . [Daniel Bell, Jr.] AL to Mrs. [Catherine Barclay] Bell; Québec. (7 pages)
Receipt of letters from home. Relationship with Miss Scriven and regret that he cannot pursue it further due to their differing religious views. Opinions about a friend's engagement. Desire to see and hear from family members, including "P. Wakefield" and a brother in Guernsey. Happy to have parents' likenesses in his possession. Plans to dine with Guy Carleton.
  1777 August 7 . D[aniel] B[ell, Jr.] ALS to Mr. [Daniel] Bell; Québec. (3 pages)
New acquaintances and good hospitality. Account of cock shooting trip of July 24. Differences between North American and English birds. Does not expect to travel south and hopes to return by Christmas. News of and confidence in General Burgoyne's Albany campaign.