HM Sloop Penguin collection  1814-1815
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The HM Sloop Penguin was a cruiser class ship built by the British in 1813. The USS Hornet captured the 20-gun cruiser on March 23, 1815, near the island Tristan da Cunha, over a month after Britain and the United States signed the Treaty of Ghent, ending the war. The Penguin and the Hornet were, however, stationed in one of the most remote areas of the Atlantic Ocean and had not yet heard the news. The Penguin , captained by James Dickerson, opened fire on the Hornet , which was lead by Master Commandant James Biddle. By the end of the battle, the Penguin was damaged beyond repair and ten of the Penguin 's crew, including Captain Dickerson, were killed, with 28 wounded. The 118 captured British sailors were sent to Rio de Janeiro in the U.S. Schooner Tom Bowline .