Joseph W. Hall diary  1864-1865
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection's business papers after 1815 contain 1716 individual items, which divide into six large sections: Tailyour family estate accounts from 1823-36; the expense accounts from 1838-43; accounts of the family's farm from 1824-27; accounts paid between 1833-39; the salmon fishing records from 1836-47; and the vouchers and factory accounts for the family's crop between 1816-1818. Additional items include a number of receipts from Robert Taylor and some accounting letters to Brand and Burnett. Most of these accounts are for the Kirktonhill and Craigo estates, and lands rented out. The salmon fishing accounts are quite extensive, detailing the family's finances in the profitable salmon industry of northeast Scotland.Ten account books concern the post-1815 estate. These provide estate and expense accounts for the Tailyour assets. The Accounts and Legal Forms book from 1820-1821 includes a number of legal opinions and expositions on accounts and cases during this period. The rent book of 1833-36 reports personal and estate finances for the land on the family's Marykirk and Garrock estates, which were located just outside the primary Kirktonhill estate. Robert Taylor's account journal centers on his mercantile accounts in Edinburgh, and also includes a waste book. Finally, Simon Taylor's account book contains his Edinburgh merchant records.

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