John N. Dickie diaries  1863-1865
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George W. and Marguerite Harms images in Graphics Division [series]
Box   : Graphics Division  
World War I [subseries]
"America Goes Over" (1:09)
National Archives videotape copy of a silent World War I film produced by the Creel Committee
Box   : Graphics Division  
World War II [subseries]
George W. Harms with Japanese children rescued from parents who were jumping off cliffs with their children, Okinawa,  1945
Japanese soldier's children (s. l., n. d.).
Taken from a soldier whom George W. Harms fought in hand-to-hand combat in Okinawa.
Photographs taken by George W. Harms in the Pacific while in the 4th and 6th Marine Divisions. (81 prints)
Wonderful depictions of war ships and landing craft; soldiers and Pacific islanders and islands.
Photographs taken by George W. Harms in the Pacific while in the 4th and 6th Marine Divisions,  ca. 1943-45 (approx. 75)
Japanese atrocities on Guam,  September 1, 1944    [Note: Stored in original envelope. ]
Sent to George W. Harms' father while he was in the Pacific. A telegram included describes "the bodies are all headless or nearly headless, a demonstration of Japanese ruthlessness."
Box   : Graphics Division  
Baseball [subseries]
American Legion baseball players standing in front of a crowd,  ca. 1930s
Photo album,  1936 (approx. 250 photographs)
Snapshots primarily of American Legion National baseball championships in Michigan. Each print labeled and described by Harms.
Box   : Graphics Division  
New York City [subseries]
Photo album with black leather cover,  ca. 1930s (approx. 160 photographs)
Snapshots of New York city.
Photograph catalog,  September 1947
Issue of the Snapshot Magazine with advertisement from Ivory Photo in Ann Arbor, Mich.
William Babaian at Rockaway Beach, N.Y.,  ca. 1935