George Kressbach letters 1945
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Box   9, Small Collections  
Noah Scovell collection [series]:
Folder   17  
  1789 February 13 . E. Dickson ALS to Noah Scovell; Brockway's Ferry, [Connecticut]. (1 page)
Acquaintance's destruction of Scovell's letter to Dickson.
Folder   17  
  1790 December 8. . Roswell Burrows ALS to Noah Scovell; New London, [Connecticut]. (1 page)
Brother's intention to visit Scovell. Security of brother's receipt to Scovell.
Folder   17  
  1793 March 30 . David Gelston PrDS to Noah Scovell; New-York. (1 page)
Termination of Gelston & Saltonstall partnership. Gelston to continue commission business.
Folder   17  
  [17]95 April 29 . [Peter] Regnart ALS to [Noah] Scovell; New York. (1 page)
Request that Scovell call while in New York. Scovell's promise to be a witness at Regnart's naturalization proceedings.
Folder   17  
  [17]95 December 25 . [Peter] Regnart ALS to Noah Scovell; New York. (2 pages)
Upcoming voyage to "the Cape" as supercargo on the brig Active , owned by Isaac Riley. Enduring friendship with Scovell. Intention to write from West Indies. American citizenship.
Folder   17  
  1796 . Isaac Riley ALS to Noah Scovell. (2 pages)
Business in New York.
Folder   17  
  1798 January 18 . B. F. Haskin ALS to Noah Scovell; New York. (2 pages)
Invoice sent for goods shipped in schooner Gallant . Permission for Scovell to dispose of cargo, sell the Gallant , purchase a ship, and/or draw bills upon Haskin while in the West Indies.
Folder   17  
  1802 June 12 . Samuel B. Mather ALS to Noah Scovell, Jr.; Lyme, [Connecticut]. (1 page)
Desire to settle business with Scovell upon arrival in New York.
Folder   17  
  1803 October 15 . William Udall ALS to Noah Scovell; Brooklyn, [New York]. (1 page)
Shipment and price of flour.
Folder   17  
  1804 September 21 . William Hodgson & Co. ALS to Noah Scovell; Sheffield, [England]. (2 pages)
Intent to inquire about twine. Request for Scovell to procure cheeses in Liverpool. Respects from Mr. Hodgson and regret that Scovell could not visit Sheffield.
Folder   17  
  Undated . AD. (1 page)
"Accpt. Sales of Capt. Scovill's adventure." Financial accounts for horses, hams, and "hogslard."