David Bradish orderly book  1778-1786
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Thomas Larkin Turner was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on August 17, 1812, the son of Larkin Turner, a merchant ship captain, and Sally Gould. After briefly attending Harvard College, he studied privately at Charlestown, Massachusetts, and he accompanied his father on voyages to the East Indies. Turner later became a surveyor, and he lived in Georgia around the 1830s. By 1839, he had returned to Boston, where he worked as a druggist. His medicines included "Turner's Tic-Douloureux, or Universal Neuralgia Pill" and "Lorraine's Vegetable Cathartic Pills." Turner married Elizabeth Devina Whiton of Hingham, Massachusetts, the daughter of Royal Whiton (February 22, 1792-August 18, 1877) and Esther Cleverly (1787-April 19, 1867), on April 3, 1843. After her death in 1879, he married Sarah Ann Loomis (1830-1896) of Braintree, Vermont, on July 8, 1881. T. Larkin Turner died on April 10, 1897.