Anna Seward Poems  1781-[1793]
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Anna Seward (1742-1809), often referred to as the "Swan of Lichfield," earned acclaim as a poetess and writer in late-18th-century Great Britain. The daughter of an Anglican minister, Thomas Seward (1708-1790), she grew up in Lichfield, England. Under her father's guidance, she read widely in English literature, and his own literary pursuits brought her into the company of many famous authors of the day, including Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Day, and Richard Lovell Edgeworth. Seward never married and spent most of her adult life in Lichfield, caring for her ailing parent and managing family finances as well as writing extensively and corresponding broadly in poetry and prose. Her major works include Elegy on Captain Cook (1780), Monody on Major André (1781), Louisa: a Poetical Novel, in Four Epistles (1784), Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Darwin (1804), and several volumes of verse.