Peter Warren papers  1738-1764 (bulk 1744-1751)
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Container / Location Title
Photographs [subseries]
Box   49  
Family album, c. 1875 May have belonged to Sarah Melinda Cahill, Margaret Townshend’s sister
Box   50  
Wing albums
 c. 1908
Box   51  
Box   52  
 c. 1917
Box   53  
Margaret Bailey Townshend album, c.  1890
Donaghue Family album, c.  1900
Unbound paper photographs
Bailey, Mary
Cahill, Miriam
Cahill, Sarah Melinda (Bailey)
Dodge, Homer L.
Dodge, Isabella (Donaghue)
Dodge, Margaret (Wing)
Dodge, Homer and Margaret
Other Dodges
Dodge Groups
Box   54  
Drummond, Grace (Greenleaf)
Easterly, Thomas
Faxon, Belle
Greenleaf, Florence Cahill
Thanbyah, Moung
Townshend, Bailey
Townshend, Harriet Norton (5 folders)
Townshend, James
Townshend, James children
Townshend, Margaret Bailey
Townshend, Norton (3 folders)
Townshend Groups (6 folders)
Wallace, Alice Dodge
Wiggins, "Blind Tom"
Wing, Alice Townshend (3 folders)
Wing, Charles M. (3 folders)   

One photograph is located in Oversize.

Wing, Lucius Bliss
Wing, Mary Mayhew (2 folders)
Wing, Shirley
Townshend animals
Family graves
Homes (3 folders)   

Two photographs of unidentified Dodge homes are located in Oversize

Unidentified (5 folders)
Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Other visual materials
Miscellaneous (8 folders)
Box   55  
Boxed daguerreotypes and photographs
#1 Norton Strange Townshend, daguerreotype, c. 1843 (case made by Matthew Brady)
#2 James Houghton Townshend, daguerreotype, c. 1850
#3 Norton Strange Townshend, ambrotype, c. 1861
#4 Glass plate and metal frame (no image)
#5 Florence Cahill Greenleaf, framed albumen print, c. 1875
#6 Alice Townshend Wing as a baby, ambrotype, c. 1860
#7 Charles Mayhew Wing, ambrotype, c. 1863
#8 Charles Mayhew Wing, tintype, c.  1865
#9 Charles Mayhew Wing, ambrotype, c.  1859
#10 Norton Strange Townshend and Harriet Wood Townshend, daguerreotypes, c. 1850
#11 Three unidentified young boys, daguerreotype, c. 1850s
#12 Children of Norton S. Townshend and Margaret Bailey Townshend, tintype, c. 1863
#13 James Houghton Townshend as a boy, ambrotype, c. 1860 (includes two small tintypes)
#14 Margaret Bailey Townshend, ambrotype, c. 1860
#15 Unidentified young boy, tintype, c. 1860
#16 Unidentified young man, ambrotype, 1858
#17 Lock of Arthur Smith Townshend’s hair,  c. 1849
#18 Lock of Mary Florence Cahill Greenleaf’s hair, c. 1860s
#19 Unidentified soldier (possibly a Wing relative), cased tintype, c. 1855-1865
#20 Unidentified man in uniform, ruby-glass ambrotype, c. 1850s-1860s
#21 Unidentified middle-aged woman, ambrotype, c. 1856-1860
#22 Unidentified man and woman, tintype, c. 1865
#23 Unidentified man in uniform, tintype, c. 1860
#24 Unidentified man, cased tintype,  c. 1865-1870
#25 Unidentified man and woman, cased tintype, c.  1870
#26 Framed carte de visite of Harriet Norton Townshend,  c. 1864