Gardner B. Clark papers  1861-1865
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  1797 July 13 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson LS to [Henry] Burbeck; Head Quarters, Detroit, [Michigan]. (3 pages)
Was disappointed to have not heard from Burbeck, despite a recent arrival from Mackinac, and insists on monthly returns and to "distinguish between the Troops, Staff & Indians." His movements are delayed by the "very menacing aspect of affairs to the Westward," and he is awaiting orders from the government. Uncertain whether he will be able to visit Mackinac, but will strengthen the Works regardless. Warns Burbeck to "redouble your vigilance," as they have received word of a French party in Chicago. The Quartermaster is sending wagons and teams to Mackinac, but cannot find passage for the cattle. Burbeck is to purchase oxen instead. Comments on paying troops, and attempts to find American merchants to "prevent the money of the United States going into the British coffers." Authorized Colonel Meigs to send "a small assortment of Indian Goods," including tobacco and whiskey, "to dispense of by you as presents to influential chiefs, as occassion May require." Orders him to keep a strict watch "over a certain Aakeman... & on the first appearance of french or Indian hostility confine him as he is a dangerous person."