Washington Irving Snyder collection  1862-1898
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Kentucky native Peter Pelham (1785-1826) served as a lieutenant and, later, captain in the United States Army's 21st Infantry, 28th Infantry, and 5th Infantry between 1812 and 1821; he spent much of the war near Lake Champlain and was temporarily held as a prisoner of war after being wounded during the Battle of Crysler's Farm. After leaving the army, he served as an Indian agent in Florida, though ill health led him to seek refuge in Philadelphia in early 1822. There, Pelham met and fell in love with Martha Coffin, a Quaker woman who later became a prominent figure in the early women's rights movement. They married in November 1824, despite her mother's longstanding objections due to their different religious faiths, and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida, where Pelham was to be a sutler. Martha returned to Philadelphia while pregnant with their only daughter, Mariana (or Mary Anna), who was born on August 26, 1825. Following Peter's death, Martha and Mariana, who had since rejoined Peter in Florida, returned again to Philadelphia.