George Clinton papers  1697-1760 (bulk 1745-1753)
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4. Documents (probate, land, certificates, summons, etc.) [subseries]
Box   4 Folder   19
 16 April 1900, Official certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
W.M. Boyd of Armstrong County has been duly elected a Justice of the Peace for the Borough of Freeport for a term of 5 years; recorded 7 May 1900.
 11 April 1905, Official certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
W.M. Boyd of Armstrong County has been duly elected a Justice of the Peace for the Borough of Freeport for a term of 5 years; recorded 4 May 1905.
 30 December 1905, Itemized bill and receipt (dated 6 January 1906).
For funeral expenses of $51.50 for John B. Boyd from S. Turner and Son, Freeport; paid by W.M. Boyd.
 4 February 1911, Last will and testament of W.M. Boyd.
Leaving everything to his daughter Mary L. Boyd; witnessed by 2 persons; also appoints her executor; 3 attachments, all dated 8 October 1912 (1) attestation of the hand of 1 of the 2 witnesses; (2) attestation by 2nd witness that he witnessed the will of W.M. Boyd, now deceased; (3) will proven by Registrar of Wills in Kittanning and Mary L. Boyd appointed executrix.
Box   4 Folder   20
 5 September 1[8]36, Will of John Craig of Buffalo Township, Armstrong County.
Dividing his real estate into 6 parcels among (1) his son Samuel, (2) his son John, (3) his daughter Isabella, (4) 3 daughters (named Clark) of his daughter Elizabeth deceased, (5) his daughter Martha, and (6) his 2 daughters and the 3 granddaughters already mentioned, plus $100 to his grandson John Craig; and his personal and movable property among Isabella, Samuel, and 4 granddaughters; appoints his son John executor, to whom he also gives $40; codicils of 11 July 1839 and 2 July 1844 (in latter Isabella is said to be married to a man named John Boyd and has a son James and daughters Eliza Boyd and Mary Boyd; James has children of his own, John C. Boyd and Jane Boyd); will registered 5 April 1850 (no place given); the present copy is typewritten and considerably later
Box   4 Folder   21
Detargny    [Note: Cf. section I.A above, letters of Gamble, Garcia del Rio, and Hopkins.]
 25 November 1796, Summons to [Marin] Detargny for guard duty, Paris, 5 Frimaire, l'an cinquieme (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 12 March 1797, Certificate of identity for Marin Detargny, Departement de la Seine, Canton de Paris, 22 Ventose, an 5 (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 20 March 1797, Summons to [Marin] Detargny for guard duty, Paris, 30 Ventose, l'an cinquieme
 30 April 1797, Summons to [Marin] Detargny for guard duty, Paris, 11 Floreal, l'an cinquieme
 26 May 1797, Summons to [Marin] Detargny for guard duty, Paris, 7 Prairial, l'an cinquieme (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 18 April 1798, Carte de Surete for Marin Detargny, Bureau Central, Canton de Bordeaux, 29 Germinal, l'an sixieme (M.D., profession = Professeur, has lived in Bordeaux for 1 year)
 13 June 1798, Birth certificate for Marin Detargny, born 26 June 1776 son of Jean Francois Detargny, Archives du Departement de la Seine, Commune de Paris, 24 Prairial, l'an 6e (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 13 June 1798, Copy of death certificate for Jean Francois Detargny, died 26 March 1794 aged 60 years of age, Commune de Paris, 24 Prairial, l'an 6 (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 20 October 1798, Certificat de Conscription for Marin Detargny, "homme de lettres," Canton de Bordeaux, 29 Vendemiaire, septieme annee (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 22 November 1798, Carte de Surete for Marin Detargny, "homme de lettres," Bureau Central, Canton de Marseille (M.D. has been living in Marseille for [?less than] 3 months), le Deux frimaire, an 7e (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
 28 April 1804, Statement signed by six citizens of Annapolis certifying that Mr. Marin Detargny has resided in said city as a French teacher for 17 months and "has behaved himself with propriety, and sustained the Character of a Gentleman"
 1805, One sheet of paper, folded (addressed on outside to Rev. Mr. Detargny).  11 November 1805 Resolution (on page 1) from the Council Chamber, Charleston, that 29 November be set apart as a day of General Thanksgiving to God for all the benefits and blessings conferred on the citizens of said city and that the clergy of the city be requested to promote this to their congregations on that day. 12 November 1805 Circular (on page 2) from the Intendant, Charleston, conveying this request.
 1 December 1806, Receipt from the Reverend Marin Detargny, Charleston, for $12.75 "as a Consideration" for a "Policy of Assurance" for $2000 to be issued by Phoenix Assurance-Company of London, signed by Jno. M. Davis, Agent
 18 August 1807, Authorization from Charles Lining, "Esquire, Ordinary," South Carolina, Charleston District, to the Reverend Mr. Marin Detargny to join in matrimony Joseph Finch of Charleston, Manufacturer of Cut Nails, and Catharine Spencer of Charleston, Spinster
Box   4 Folder   22
Franklin Heirs
 9 June 1785, Survey by Joshua Elder of a plot of land called "Settle," containing 200  4/10 acres, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, for Benjamin Franklin; returned to secretary's office for Benjamin Franklin 10 October 1787
 29 October 1814, Deed of sale of 11 tracts of land on the northwest side of the Allegheny River, "now or formerly" in Westmoreland County, by Louis Bache and Richard Bache, executors of the will of Richard Bache, deceased, of Settle, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, acting on behalf of some of the members of the Bache family in Pennsylvania, heirs of Benjamin Franklin, and by other members of the family in their own right, to Randall Hutchinson; recorded in Armstrong County 21 August 1815
 29 October 1814, Deed of sale of the tract called "Settle," "now or formerly" in Westmoreland County, from Randall Hutchinson to William I. Duane and his wife Deborah (who are one of the parties to the sale of the 11 tracts in previous item) for $1.00; recorded in Armstrong County 21 August 1815
 24 January 1840, Deed of sale of a tract of land called "Settle" (of 200 4/10 acres), formerly in Westmoreland County but now in Armstrong, by William I. Duane and Deborah his wife to WMS for $4000
 24 January 1840, Deed of sale of a tract of land called "Broughton" (of 209 7/10 acres), formerly in Westmoreland County but now in Armstrong, by William I. Duane and Deborah his wife to WMS for $4180
Box   4 Folder   23
 Undated, ca. 1887, Draft claim of Hannah P. Boyd and Mary McFarland, sisters of George McFarland, for "arrears of pay and bounty."
On a form that has 188 plus a blank for the year in the decade (probably 1887). George, a private in Company G, 5th Regiment of the "Calafornia Volunteers," died "on or about the" 31st October 1862 in the service of the U.S.; the sisters appoint Calvin Rayburn of Kittanning to prosecute the claim (see letter of Rayburn to Hannah Boyd above in section I.C)
 1 June 1908, Bill for funeral expenses of $66.79 for Mrs. [sic; cf. previous item] Mary S. McFarland from S. Turner and Son, Freeport.
With receipt of payment by Miss Lizzie Boyd dated 8 December 1908. Since the actual expenses are dated 6 August 1904 this may have been a second or third bill.
Box   4 Folder   24
 13 March 1826, Deed of sale of land by Jacob Scudder and his wife Hester to William Gulick in Montgomery Township, Somerset County, New Jersey.    [Note: Jacob Scudder, May have been the son of H[annah] S[cudder]: see her letter to her husband in section I.A above. ]
Skelton Family
Box   4 Folder   25
Ann Skelton (1818-1906)
 13 June 1856, Survey ("Draft") of a tract of land (i.e., the 2 tracts mentioned in Walter Skelton, item 3) for Ann Skelton (cf. WMS.'s wills in Walter Skelton, items 2 and 4)
 11 May 1858, Indenture by Jacob M. Bush to Ann Skelton.
For $1100 with interest, to be paid according to a schedule ending in 1862 for 25+ acres of land, part of a larger tract conveyed by William I. Duane to Walter Skelton (either item 4 or 5 in Franklin heirs or both), who devised it to Ann Skelton, Sarah Skelton, and Joseph Skelton Jr. (see Walter Skelton, item 4), and Joseph Skelton Jr. and his wife Elizabeth conveyed 184 acres of which this is a part to Ann Skelton.
 22 July 1900, Lease by Ann Skelton of Freeport Borough, Armstrong County, to Thomas McCauley and P.J. McCauley of Pittsburgh.
Leases the right to quarry stone on the southern part of a piece of land owned by her for a period of 5 years initially, with the possibility of a further 5 years; the McCauleys to pay her rental of 10 cents per cubic yard and to quarry at least 2000 cubic yards each year.
 29 November 1904, Grant by Ann Skelton to the Kiskiminetas Connecting Railroad Co.
For a right of way 66 feet wide for the location, etc. of a railroad over 10 acres more or less of her land in South Buffaloe Township, Armstrong County, for $50; sealed and delivered in the presence of W.M. Boyd.
 Undated, Informal draft of someone's will (probably Ann Skelton's).    [Note: Dates to before 4 February 1911 (Boyd, item 4) because W.M. Boyd is referred to as still alive, but not clear how much earlier; before 30 March 1906 and certainly before 1 July 1906 (see next item), if Ann Skelton is the writer.]
Leaving specific items of her personal property to Hannah Boyd, Lizzie Boyd, John H. Boyd, and Helen M. McIntyre and, after expenses have been paid, dividing the profits from the remainder of her personal property and from her real estate equally to the same four persons (except that Helen McIntyre's part is to be shared with her brother Charles B. McIntyre).
 1 July 1906, Bill and receipt for funeral expenses of $116.75 for Miss Ann Skelton from S. Turner and Son, Freeport;    [Note: Paid by Lizzie Boyd, Executrix (probably dead by 30 March 1906 see letter of Duffy to Hill above in section I.B). ]
 Undated, ca. 1933-1934, Notification by County Treasurer, Kittanning, to estate of Annie Skelton.
Her property in South Buffalo has been returned for non-payment of taxes for 1932 amounting to $12.81 and, unless they are paid, the property will be sold at the Court House in Armstrong County on 6 August 1934.
Box   4 Folder   26
Elizabeth Skelton (?-1826)
 29 March 1825, Will of Elizabeth Skelton.
Leaving all of her personal property and real estate to her nephew WMS, except for some plate and wearing apparel (to Elizabeth McFarland, niece, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Skelton) and a mourning ring (to Harriet Nicholson, niece, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Nicholson); appoints John Lowrey executor, unless WMS is of legal age at time of her death, in which case he is to be executor; certified as true copy 13 November 1826 Elizabeth Skelton now deceased.
 29 March 1825, Copy of preceding item; certified as such 17 June 1839
 13 November 1826, Inventory of possessions of Elizabeth Skelton; certified 18 November 1829 Elizabeth Skelton now deceased
Box   4 Folder   27
Joseph Skelton Sr. (?-before 1840)
Undated, marriage certificate.    [Note: Probably before 1803, when the Skeltons' 1st child was born.]
Certificate by Thomas Lyell, witnessed by W. [?]. Bessonett and James Thorburn: "This will certify that I did on Thursday evening the 27 of May join together in marriage Mr. Joseph Skelton and Miss Sarah White."
Mary Skelton Minto (?-1824)
 9 November 1796, Receipt by Enos Kelley to Mary Minto for the items mentioned in document B.16 (a) in Series 1: IV.Documents (this receipt is now item B.16 (b) in Series 1: IV.Documents)
 1796 [day and month torn away]: Codicil by Mary Skelton [Minto], executrix of Minto's last will (he being deceased), to a bond of indemnity (dated 28 September 1795) by Minto to Richard Stockton for 1180 pounds, probably asking to have debt set aside (this is now item B.10 (b) in Series 1: IV.Documents)
 23 May 1801, Bill of lading for one box, shipped from Leith to New York on the Russell, directed to Mrs. Minto, to be delivered to Mrs. Chrystie of New York for payment; contents unknown to Rowland Gibbs, master of the Russell (this is now item B.17 in Series 1: IV.Documents)
Box   4 Folder   28
 25 August 1812, Middlesex County, State of New Jersey: Certificate that Mary Minto brought before 2 overseers of the poor and 2 justices of the peace her female slave named Gitty, who appears to be of sound mind and not under any bodily incapacity, between 21 and 40 years; recorded in Clerk's office, no date
 25 August 1812, Statement of Mary Minto that she has set free her slave Gitty (of 21 years or thereabouts); recorded in Clerk's office on 26 August 1812
 8 January 1817, Will of Mary Minto, leaving $100 to her sister Sarah Clark, $600 to Walter Minto Skelton (to be used at the discretion of her sister Elizabeth), and the remainder of her personal property and all of her real estate to her sister Elizabeth; appoints her sister executrix and administratrix; certified as a true copy of the will by a surrogate in New Brunswick on 17 June 1839
Box   4 Folder   29
Walter Skelton (1804-48)
 20 October 1830, Commission of Walter M. Skelton to be Captain of the company Princeton Blues, having been elected to such position on 25 May 1830
 ca. 1840, Draft of will of WMS, leaving to his mother, Sarah Skelton, "a comfortable maintenance" out of his estate, and then leaving everything to his sister Ann Skelton; appoints Ann executrix
 21 April 1841, Survey of 2 tracts of land in Buffaloe Township, Armstrong County, for WMS (these are the tracts sold to him in 1840 mentioned in Franklin heirs, items 4 and 5 above)
 16 September 1845, Will (copy) of WMS, of Buffaloe Township, Armstrong County; leaving 1/3 to his sister Ann Skelton, 1/3 to his brother Joseph Skelton, Jr., and 1/3 in trust to his sister Ann for the use of his mother Sarah Skelton; appoints Ann executrix; will proved in Kittanning, Pennsylvania 20 June 1848 (Walter Skelton being deceased), and certified in Register's Office 21 June 1848
Box   4 Folder   30
 23 March 1839, Will of Elizabeth White of Scarsdale, Westchester County, New York, leaving the bulk of her estate to (1) various charities (half) and (2) her 3 sisters, Mary Bessonett, Phebe White, and Jane White (half, in various proportions); certified as true copy 12 October 1841 Elizabeth White now deceased
 13 June 1839, Memorandum of land owned by Elizabeth White in Illinois, deeded to her on 1 April 1837 and recorded in Illinois on 27 June 1837