Alexis St. Martin collection 1879
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Joseph Cole, a physician and son of David Cole and Eleanor Hyde of Sharon, Connecticut, was born on December 3, 1770, and married his cousin, Sarah Hyde (1777-1817), on May 10, 1793. They settled in Auburn, New York, in 1807. Following her death, he moved to Albion, New York, where he died on August 1, 1843. They had five children: Almeron Hyde (1798-1859), Laura Altie (b. 1802), Mary Parsons (1806-1855), Eleanor Hyde (1808-1829), and Dan Hyde (b. 1811).

Almeron Hyde Cole graduated from Union College in 1818 and became a lawyer, settling in Albion, New York. He served as a justice of the peace and was a New York Senator from 1848-1849.

Mary Parsons Cole married Hiram Foote Mather (1796-1868), a graduate of Yale College (1813), on November 26, 1831, after his first marriage (to Sally Ann Hyde) ended with Sally's death in 1824. They lived in Niles, Michigan, after 1844 and, following her death, Mather moved to Chicago, Illinois, and became a successful businessman and chancery lawyer. The two had 8 children: Joseph, Laura Hannah (1842-1865), David Hyde (b. 1837), Ralph, Mary A., Caroline A., John S., and Frances C. David Hyde Mather was born in Elbridge, New York, on October 2, 1837. Following his graduation from Williams College in 1859, he became a lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. Laura married George McClure Welles of Niles, Michigan (b. 1827), on April 8, 1856; their children included Ralph Mather (1857-1861), Harriet Prentiss (b. 1859), and Ellen Webber (1863-1886). Welles served as captain of Company K in the 11th Michigan Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War and became a dry goods merchant in Great Bend, Kansas. Harriet married a man named Bain and later served as the town's postmistress.

Dan Hyde Cole married Frances Maria Elliott of Scottsville, New York (b. 1817) on May 4, 1836, and practiced law with his brother Almeron in Albion, where he served in many public positions, including two terms as a New York Senator (1864-1865 and 1874-1875).

Chloe Hyde (daughter of David Hyde, brother of Sarah Hyde Cole, and Olive Campbell) was born in Auburn, New York, on August 20, 1816, and lived with her aunt, Laura Hyde Kellogg, in Skaneateles, New York. She later moved to New York City, where she died on May 21, 1850.

Ralph Mather Cole was born in Albion, New York, on April 30, 1882, and received a BA from Williams College in 1905. Following his graduation, he moved to New York City, where he worked for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company before moving to Rochester, New York. On December 2, 1914, he married Elsie Morrison McMath. He died in 1964.