Marie Louise Kellogg journal  1915-1916
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Marie Louise Kellogg was in her late teens when she went on a summer-long automobile trip with her mother and father. During the academic year, she was a student at Margaret College in Versailles, Kentucky. Mr. M. C. Kellogg drove his Ford touring car a grand total of 6,776 miles, according to one newspaper, or "nearly ten thousand miles," according to some others. Kellogg probably worked for Ford Motor Company in some capacity, and the entire trip might have been sponsored by the automobile giant. In any case, Ford ensured that they received some good publicity once the Kelloggs triumphantly returned to Kentucky.

The Kelloggs left their home in Richmond, Kentucky on June 5, 1915, and drove to Cincinnati, where they got on the Lincoln Highway, which took them to San Francisco. They apparently spent some time there, attending the Exposition, before heading south to visit some friends. They spent a few days in San Diego, complete with a day trip to Mexico, and in Long Beach. From July 30 to August 27, they traveled from California back to Richmond.