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Summary Information
Title: David Holtz company book
Creator: Holtz, David
Inclusive dates: 1814-1815
Extent: 1 volume
The David Holtz company book (274 pages) contains personal information for every service member of the 17th Regiment Infantry from 1814-1815, as well as a ledger of materials and supplies held by the company.
Language: The material is in English
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David Holtz entered the 17th Regiment Infantry on July 6, 1812, as a captain under Colonel Samuel Wells. This regiment was organized on January 11, 1812, in Kentucky and was later consolidated with the 3rd Infantry. Their purpose was to liberate the Northwest Territories (Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois) from the British. The 17th Infantry participated in the siege at Fort Meigs and the Niagara campaign. In the summer of 1814 they were stationed in Detroit.

Collection Scope and Content Note

The David Holtz company book (274 pages) contains personal information for every service member of the 17th Regiment Infantry in 1814 and 1815, and includes the company’s ledger of materials and supplies. The volume opens with a table of contents that lists each soldier in the regiment. The register of company members includes the following information: name, rank, joining date, where furloughed, deserted, died, sick, and other absences. The register also provides payment information, details on trade or occupation, and a physical description of each service member with notes on height, age, birthplace, eye color, hair color, and complexion (light, fair, brown, dark). The ledger of materials and supplies details each individual's issuances of clothing, arms, and accoutrements.

See the Additional Descriptive Data section for a complete list of the men named in the roster.

Subject Terms

    • United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 17th (1812-1815)
    • United States. Army--Supplies and stores.
    • United States--History--War of 1812.
    • United States--History--War of 1812--Registers.
    Genre Terms:
    • Account books.
    Contents List
    Container / Location Title
    Volume   1  
    David Holtz company book,  1814-1815 [series]
    Additional Descriptive Data

    Roster of the 17th Infantry

    • Armstrong, William
    • Argo, Morris
    • Allore, I. Battici
    • Ball, Adam A.
    • Botts, Richard
    • Byand, John
    • Bullman, Jonathan
    • Buck, John
    • Buck, Joseph
    • Brown, Hugh
    • Crow, Edward
    • Cowen, Levi
    • Crouch, Samuel
    • Comore, Emanuel
    • Clendening, John
    • Courtney, Nicholas
    • Doughery, James
    • Decker, John
    • Drummon, Robert
    • Deforrest, Austin
    • Frye, Henry
    • Hughes, John
    • Hunion, Henry
    • Hull, Jesse
    • Haughey, Jacob
    • Hatfield, Wm.
    • Hardesty, George
    • Isahart, Jacob
    • Johns, John
    • Joels, Richard
    • Irwin, Benjamin
    • Kinan, James
    • Kirkpatrick, James
    • Kerns, Richard
    • Kerr, William
    • Lane, Elkenah
    • Lewis, William T.
    • Lowry, John
    • Logue, Samuel
    • Leizure, Hiat
    • Lapping, Robert
    • Lashere, Jacob
    • McCord, James
    • Moore, Joseph
    • Martin, Alexander
    • Murphy, Isaac
    • Moore, William
    • Northrup, Asa
    • Noland, Barnabas
    • Nida, Philip
    • Norton, Robert
    • Park, James
    • Plow, John
    • Peoples, Seymore
    • Pinkerman, John
    • Price, Robert
    • Ruggles, Michel
    • Reed, Robert
    • Robison, William
    • Redburn, James T.
    • Rook, James
    • Rankin, John
    • Seward, John L.
    • Sweany, Thomas
    • Sothoron, Levi
    • Stuart, Edward
    • Summers, Frederick
    • Simons, Daniel
    • Trowbridge, William
    • Tool, Michel
    • Walker, John D.
    • Waters, Herman
    • Wilson, James
    • Walker, Philip
    • Watrous, William
    • Wiley, James
    • Welch, James
    • Wallace, Ross
    • Woodruff, William
    • Yarnel, Abraham
    • Yearns, Aquilla
    • Zigley, Benjamin


    • Bailey, Benjamin
    • Booth, John
    • Blavi, Asahel
    • Burrel, Robert
    • Bell, William
    • Benjamin, S.
    • Burns, John
    • Corwin, Oliver
    • Cummins, William
    • Clemming, Francis
    • Cowen, Levi
    • Murphy, Daniel
    • McDonald, Stephen
    • McDonald, Thomas
    • McCulloch, Silas
    • Melvin, John
    • McGinnis, John
    • McGlaughlin
    • Montgomery, John
    • Ray, James
    • Rumsey, Daniel A.
    • Rudolf, Titan, K.
    • Scott, James
    • Sickman, Presley
    • Simmons, Thomas
    • Smith, John
    • Snodgrass, Samuel
    • Swartwood, Abraham
    • Wallace, William
    • Wilcox, William H.

    Register of Non-Commissioned Officers

    • Armstrong, William

    Register of Men Joined or Attached

    • Rumsey, Daniel A.
    • Rudolph, Thomas A.
    • Blair, Asahel
    • Haley, William
    • Bell, William
    • Watron, William
    • Wilcox, Sergt.
    • Wallace
    • Thompson, James
    • Richardson, Randolph
    • Swartwood, Abraham

    Register of Men Transferred

    • Davis, George C.
    • Nolan, Barnabas
    • Hughes, John

    Register of Men on Furlough

    • Rumsey, Daniel A.

    Register of Men Who have Deserted

    • Haley, William
    • Lazer, Hiatt (court martialed, executed)
    • Thompson, James
    • Richardson, Randolph
    • Bullman, Jonathan

    Register of Men Who have Died

    • Lazer, Hiatt
    • Fry, Henry
    • Yearns, Aquilla
    • Pinkerman, John
    • Kirkpatrick, James
    • Blair, Asahael
    • Robinson, William
    • Botts, Richard
    • Rankin, John
    • Walker, Phillip
    • Dauters, Himan
    • Ball, Adam A.
    • Depriest, Austin
    • McDonald, Stephen
    • Gaughlin, Thomas M.
    • Melvin, John
    • Hardesty, George
    • Johns, John

    Register of Men Sick, Absent, & from other Causes, than Furlough

    • Cochran, John
    • Servana, John
    • Daugherty, James
    • Baily, Benjamin
    • Murphy, Isaac
    • Loury, John
    • Watson, William
    • Viater, Herman
    • Ball
    • Corwin, Oliver
    • Courtny, Nicholas
    • Liveany, Thomas
    • Norton, Robert
    • Redburn, James
    • Price, Robert
    • Gauch, Samuel
    • Camer, Emanuel
    • Johns, John
    • Hardesty, George
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