William H. Smith papers  1861-1864
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George Morgan was born in Philadelphia on February 14, 1743, the son of Evan Morgan and Joanna Biles. As a teenager, he worked for the Philadelphia firm Baynton & Wharton, which became Baynton, Wharton & Morgan in 1763. He married Mary Baynton, the senior partner's daughter, with whom he had 11 children. Morgan became involved in the Illinois trade shortly after the end of the French and Indian War, and he traveled west with George Croghan around 1766. He returned to Philadelphia in the early 1770s, following a long-running feud with British army officer John Wilkins. Baynton, Wharton & Morgan dissolved around this period, and Morgan became involved in the Indiana Company until the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. In 1776, he was appointed Indian agent for the Middle Department, a position he held until his resignation in May 1779. He lived in Prospect, New Jersey, until 1789, when he led an expedition to "New Madrid" in Spanish-held territory. In 1796, he moved to Morganza, Pennsylvania, where he died on March 10, 1810.