Henry Glen papers  1781-1801
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This diary (1 volume) contains Dominick Miele's recollections of and information about his service in the United States Army from January 28, 1941-October 11, 1945. Miele, a member of the 47th Infantry Regiment and the 383rd Military Police Battalion, trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He participated in active combat in North Africa, Sicily, and mainland Italy, and served behind the lines in England and France.

Miele recorded details about his military experiences in a pre-printed diary entitled "My Life in the Service." The volume's inside covers bear printed illustrations of army and navy insignia, and each diary page includes a printed quotation, often pertaining to military service, democracy, or patriotism. The diary contains several labeled sections, as well as printed illustrations of soldiers. The first 3 sections list men and women whom Miele encountered while in the military: "My Buddies in the Service" (pp. 1-31), "Officers I Have Met" (pp. 33-41), and "Civilians I Have Met" (pp. 43-47). Miele and his friends recorded their names and notes about their relationships.

The main portion of the volume consists of Miele's recollections, including both retrospective narration and daily diary entries (pp. 53-118). Miele opened his account with a history of his life prior to his army induction, and commented on his distaste for Fort Dix, New Jersey, where he spent the first three days of his military career. After moving to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in February 1941, where he joined Company M of the 47th Infantry Regiment, Miele described daily life and training maneuvers, particularly after the United States's declaration of war against Japan, Germany, and Italy. Miele kept daily diary entries in early December 1941; on December 6, 1941, he wrote about Hitler's alliance with Mussolini (pp. 79-81). In October 1942, the 47th Infantry traveled to North Africa, where Miele discussed his experiences in the foxholes. He also participated in active combat in Sicily and mainland Italy until the Italian surrender in September 1943. Miele recounted his service in western Europe, beginning with his work with the 10th Replacement Depot in Litchfield, England, from May-October 1944. He then recorded his experiences with Company A of the 383rd Military Police Battalion in Cherbourg, France, and in Belgium, which included time guarding prisoners of war in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. Miele traveled around France during and after the final months of the war, and served with the 794th Military Police Battalion in Dijon, France, until September 1945, when he returned to the United States. He was discharged on October 11, 1945, and worked in a post office.

The final sections of the diary include a "Recipe for Happiness" (p. 208), a list of Miele's Italian military friends (pp. 210-211), a note from a friend (p. 212), addresses of family members and acquaintances (pp. 213-217), notable dates from Miele's military service (pp. 218-219), a list of gifts that Miele received in 1941 and 1942 (p. 220), a record of his travels during his early military service (pp. 224-227), and autographs (pp.228-229). The final pages contain printed instructions for giving first aid medical treatment.

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