Thirza Finch diary and letter transcriptions  1858-1870
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  1931 March 12 . "Dick" [Richard Evelyn Byrd] TLS to James B[urton] Pond; Raleigh, North Carolina. (3 pages)
Angry that Pond blamed the failures of the lectures in Florida on the depression rather than the errors of the auspices. Underscores the need to have ticket-selling campaigns. The lack of attendance has soured his ability to hold any future lectures in Florida. Will not accept further bookings until Pond meets with him to discuss matters. Comments on bad equipment and his humiliation over poorly attended lectures. "All the money in the world would not make up for going around talking to empty seats. We have had heap worse results in the South than we had after the trans-Atlantic flight." Has not been fully informed about his upcoming itinerary.