Aplin family papers  1859-1960 (bulk 1862-1865)
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Daniel Morgan was born in 1735 or 1736, the son of Welsh immigrants James and Eleanor Morgan. Morgan moved to Frederick County, Virginia, around the age of 18, where he was a farm laborer and wagon driver. After the French and Indian War, he owned his own farm near Winchester, Virginia, and served as a captain in the local militia. During the Revolutionary War, Morgan raised and led a company of riflemen, and he participated in many engagements in the northern and southern theaters of the war. After the war, he became a major general in the Virginia militia that helped suppress the Whiskey Rebellion. He also served in the United States House of Representatives. He had one son out of wedlock, Willoughby, and had two daughters with his wife, Abigail Curry. Daniel Morgan died on July 6, 1802.

Willoughby Morgan spent much of his early life in South Carolina and later moved to Winchester, Virginia. After the War of 1812, he became a professional army officer. He died in 1832.