Garret Abeel papers  1792-1827
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Box   52, Small Collections  
Walter Hinckley correspondence [series]
Folder   32  
  1831 February 12-1831 March 5 . W[alter] Hinckley, Jr. ALS to Walter Hinckley; "Retirement," Wilkinson County, Mississippi. (3 pages)
Describes isolation of new home. Slave woman's explanation that slaves washed on the Sabbath because they had no other time to do so. Local religious customs and attendance at Methodist services. Description of eclipse. Severity of winter causing numerous deaths, particularly among slaves. Report of personal expenses for the year 1830.
  1832 December 19 . Huntington Lyman ALS to Walter Hinckley; Steam Boat Missourian off Vicksburg, [Mississippi]. (4 pages)
Describes scenery seen from the paddleboat Missourian , including slaves laboring in a cotton field, the poor condition of farm tools and cattle, and slaves' homes. Other passengers onboard the Missourian . Intent to stop at Natchez and go to Washington and Meadville to locate acquaintances. Woodchoppers' drunkenness on the Sabbath.
  1835 April 1 . Walter Hinckley, Jr. ALS to Walter Hinckley; Rodney, Mississippi. (4 pages)
Southern social customs, Southern hospitality, and Hinckley's loneliness in Mississippi. Effects of slavery on Mississippi social life. Does not expect to reside in New York in the future. Father's tract of land and related finances. Has not received letters from family members.
  1837 August 28 . Walter Hinckley, Jr. ALS to Walter Hinckley; Milam,Texas. (4 pages)
Describes his property, which includes a portion of a creek and several types of trees. Discusses availability and prices of various crops and compares growth of Indian corn in Texas and New York. Peace with Mexicans and scattered attacks by groups of Native Americans. Poor moral state of Texas and hope that more ministers will soon arrive; most religious services conducted by missionaries. Anticipates opening of Sabine River for steamboat navigation.