"An Exhortation to Peace Under the American Revolution" penmanship exercise  1783
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James Boggs was born in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, on April 5, 1769, the son of James Boggs (1740-1830) and Mary Morris Boggs (1746-1831) and a nephew of Judge Robert Morris (1745-1815). When the Boggs family moved to Nova Scotia in 1784, James and his brother Robert remained in the United States. James lived in Philadelphia and New York City, where he was a merchant and bank president. In the fall of 1794, he served with the 3rd Troop Philadelphia Light Horse during an expedition to Pittsburgh in response to the escalating tensions of the Whiskey Rebellion. Boggs married Sarah Lloyd Broome (1775-1849) on April 29, 1806, and they had 5 children: Mary Rebecca, John, James Samuel, and Julia Augusta. James Boggs died on February 4, 1834.