Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society papers  1851-1868
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The New Jersey Court Cases volume (140 pages) contains manuscript copies of legal documents related to cases heard by New Jersey courts in the mid-18th century. Cases represent a variety of legal issues, including debt, marriage age, land ownership, and criminal activity.

The volume, entitled "Entries. Vol. iv," pertains to cases representing a variety of legal disputes, most often between two parties. Most of the copied documents are recapitulations of cases argued before various state courts and indentures. Several examples copied from Giles Jacob's The Compleat Attorney's Practice are also present.

Cases of Note

  • Schooley v. Woodward, regarding a violation of "an Act to Prevent Clandestine Marriages," which stated that "no License should be Given to Marry any Person under the Age of twenty one years untill such person shou'd have had the Consent of his or her Parent or parents Guardian or Guardians or person or persons under whose care and Government he or she shou'd be Signifyed by a Certificate in Writing..." (p. 18).
  • Morris v. Tucker, regarding slander: "Nevertheless the said Samuel Tucker Jr. not being ignorant thereof [that Morris was a good citizen &c] but continuing and Maliciously intending the good name Credit and Reputation of him the said William Morris Jr. to ruin and destroy and to brand him the said William with the infamous Character of a Thief, and also to bring him the said William in peril and danger of the Loss of his Life and the Forfeiture of all his Lands and Tenements Goods and Chattels" (p. 115).
  • Black v. Lippincott, which charged that Lippincott "did break and Enter and his Herbage and Grass to the value of Ten pounds there lately growing by walking with his feet did tread down and consume and the Trees of him the said Samuel [Black] to wit Ten Hickery Trees of the value of Ten pounds, five black Oak Trees of the value of Five pounds...did cut down and carry away and other Harms to him" (p. 122).
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