Henry Addison papers  1776-1784
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Additional Descriptive Data

Illustration Subjects

  • Cutler's Church
  • Traveling pioneers
  • Covered wagon traveling into the sunset
  • Small bridge
  • Longfellow's Wayside Inn sign
  • Native American warrior nearing Conestoga wagon ("Indians Attack!")
  • Pioneer with horse
  • New England waterfall
  • Stone well
  • Knives
  • Historic interiors of log cabins and established homes
  • Bull's Bridge (Kent, Connecticut)
  • Conestoga wagons
  • Hudson River ferry (Newburgh, New York)
  • Log cabin
  • Yoked oxen driving Conestoga wagons
  • Bridge (Easton, Pennsylvania)
  • Windmill
  • Stone barn
  • Man on horseback
  • Tunnel
  • Pioneers chopping trees
  • 48-star United States flag
  • Cumberland Road toll rates sign
  • Rhododendron
  • Encounter between a Native American and a white pioneer
  • Fireplace and mantel
  • Pioneer greeting a woman in an established home
  • Flatboats
  • Lumberjack tools
  • Men in suits dreaming of pioneer experiences
  • Pioneers with a canoe
  • River travel scenes

Northwest Territory Celebration Commission. Final Report of the Northwest Territory Celebration Commission which was Created by Act of Congress to Observe the 150th Anniversary of the Passage of the Ordinance of 1787 and Establishment of American Civil Government in Northwest Territory. 1938.