Boynton family papers  1827-1863
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Jabez Huntington was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on August 2, 1719, the son of Simon and Lydia Huntington. After graduating from Yale College in 1741, he became a merchant, involved primarily with trade in the West Indies. He served in the colonial Connecticut militia and assembly and he was a member of the Connecticut Committee of Safety during the Revolution. Huntington and his first wife, Elizabeth Backus (1721-1745), had two sons, Jedidiah (1743-1818) and Andrew (1745-1824). Following Elizabeth's death, Huntington married Hannah Williams (1726-1807), with whom he had three sons and three daughters, including Joshua (b. 1751), Ebenezer (1754-1834), Hannah (1753-1761), Elizabeth (1757-1834), Mary (1760-1840), and Zachariah (1764-1850). Jabez Huntington died on October 5, 1786.

Jedidiah Huntington was born on August 4, 1743, a son of Jabez Huntington and Elizabeth Backus. After earning a bachelor's degree from Harvard College in 1763 and a master's degree from Yale College in 1770, he went into business with his father. Huntington served in the American Revolution, becoming a brevet major general by the end of the war. He later held public offices in Norwich; in 1789, he became collector of customs at New London, Connecticut. After the death of his first wife, Faith Trumbull (d. 1775), the daughter of Governor Jonathan Trumbull, he married Ann Moore; they had seven children. Jedidiah Huntington died on September 25, 1818.

Andrew Huntington was born in June 1745, a son of Jabez Huntington and Elizabeth Backus. He served as a brigade commissary during the Revolution and later became a merchant and paper manufacturer in Norwich. After the death of his first wife, Lucy Coit (1746-1776), with whom he had Joseph (1768-1837) and Hannah (1770-1818), he married Hannah Phelps (1760-1838) on May 1, 1777. Their children were Lucy (b. 1778-1846) and Charles Phelps (1779-1850). Andrew Huntington died on April 7, 1824. Charles Phelps Huntington and his first wife, Charlotte Lathrop (1781-1805) had one daughter, Abby Lathrop, who died in infancy. Following Charlotte's death, Charles married Maria Perit (1783-1854); their children included John Perit, Charles Webster, Ruth Leffingwell, Samuel Andrews, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, and William Henry (1820-1885). Maria Perit was the daughter of John Perit and Ruth Webster and the granddaughter of Pelatiah Webster.

Joshua Huntington was born in 1751, a son of Jabez Huntington and Hannah Williams. He initially went into business with his father, but left to serve in the Continental Army during the Revolution. He married Hannah Huntington (1750-1815) on December 11, 1771.

Ebenezer Huntington was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on December 26, 1754, a son of Jabez Huntington and Hannah Williams. He earned a degree from Yale College in 1775 despite leaving early to join the Continental Army; he served in multiple regiments during the war, eventually becoming a lieutenant colonel. After the war, he returned to Norwich, where he became a businessman. From 1792-1823, he was adjutant general of the Connecticut militia, and in 1799 he was appointed a brigadier general in the United States Army. Huntington served in the United States House of Representatives from 1810-1811 and 1817-1819. He and his first wife, Sarah Isham (d. 1793), married on December 10, 1791, and had one son. Following Sarah's death, he married Lucretia Mary McClellan (d. 1819), with whom he had nine children. Ebenezer Huntington died on June 17, 1834.

Elizabeth Huntington married John Chester (1749-1809) on November 25, 1773. They had eleven children: Elizabeth (b. 1774), Mary (b. 1779), Hannah (b. 1781), Sarah (b. 1783), John (1785-1829), Charlotte (b. 1787), Henry (1790-1791), Julia (b. 1792), Henry (b. 1793), William (b. 1795), and George (b. 1798). Mary Huntington and her husband, Reverend Joseph Strong of Norwich, Connecticut, married in 1778 and had three children: Joseph H. (b. 1781), Mary Huntington (b. 1786), and Henry (b. 1788). Zachariah Huntington, a merchant and military officer, married Hannah Mumford on March 28, 1786.