H. H. Gillum journal  1865
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  1767 August 8 . Benjamin Franklin ALS to Joseph Galloway; London, [England]. (4 pages)
"The Confusion among our Great Men still continues as great as ever…" Party politics (power and profit) waste Court time that could be used to extend commerce, reduce debt, secure allies, and increase the strength and ability of the Nation "to support a future War." Party views on the American colonies. New York is providing quarters for British troops without acknowledging obedience to the Quartering Act. "Every Step is taking to render the Taxing of America a popular Measure, by continually insisting on the Topics of our Wealth and flourishing Circumstances, while this Country is loaded with Debt…" Must garner support for the American Cause in order to weaken the potential measure. Will probably not return to America until spring. Pleased that Galloway has "made a Trial of Paper Money without a legal Tender." Suggests method of supporting credit. Doesn’t believe that British merchants understand the issue of legal tender -- that the scarcity of money in the colonies will be a detriment to their business.