H. H. Gillum journal  1865
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Box   F6.5 James S. Schoff Civil War, Diaries and Journals  
H. H. Gillum journal,  1865 February 26-1865 March 25 [series]:
 1865 February 26 [subseries]:
Preparations for March up Shenandoah
 1865 February 27 [subseries]:
March begins
Phil Sheridan
George Custer
Black mule-drives
 1865 February 28 [subseries]:
Orders to take charge of supply/ammunition trains
Fording stream
 1865 March 01 [subseries]:
Destroyed Virginia towns
Burning bridge
Gen. Jubal Early
Foraging mutton
 1865 March 02 [subseries]:
Tobacco expropriated
Reception of Union troops in Staunton, Va.
 1865 March 03 [subseries]:
Crossing creeks
 1865 March 04 [subseries]:
Camp at Charlottesville
Recuperating from battle
 1865 March 05 [subseries]:
Wrecking of railroad
Sheridan's generalship
Foraging forbidden
University of Virginia
Prisoner taken in own home
 1865 March 06 [subseries]:
Exhausted horses
Civilian morale
Hidden goods in slave cabins
 1865 March 07 [subseries]:
Quarters in private home
Virginia civilians
 1865 March 08 [subseries]:
Confederate sharpshooters
Flour expropriated
 1865 March 09 [subseries]:
200 horses shot
Crossing of James River
 1865 March 10 [subseries]:
Scottsville, Va.
Crossing canal
Blacks appropriated for risky jobs
Provisions expropriated
 1865 March 11 [subseries]:
Columbia, Va.
 1865 March 12 [subseries]:
Rest and Recuperation
Virginia civilians cower
Gen. Early
 1865 March 13 [subseries]:
Frederick Hall Station, Va.
Destroying railroad
1865 March 14 [subseries]:
Destroying railroad
 1865 March 15 [subseries]:
Captured at Ashland, Va.
Gen. Devin
 1865 March 16 [subseries]:
Orphaned baby
 1865 March 17 [subseries]:
Cedar groves
King William Courthouse
 1865 March 18-25 [subseries]:
Blacks as butt of humor
Duties as Depot QM at landing on Pamunkey River
Contraband labor