Davis E. Castle journals  1864-1865
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Box   1.4 Schoff Civil War Diaries and Journals  
Davis E. Castle journal,  1864 January 01-1865 April 21 [series]:
  January 1864 [subseries]:
New Years Day sobriety
Rebel estates confiscated
Prisoner exchange
Beast Ben Butler
N.C. political upheavals
 February 1864 [subseries]:
Library of Congress research
 March 1864 [subseries]:
Trains behind schedule
Colonel's cruel death
View of enemy position
Consolidation of troops
 April 1864 [subseries]:
Horse race
Surrender of Plymouth
Burnside's movements
  May 1864-August 1864 [subseries]:
[May through Aug contains a daily log of the Army of the Potomac's campaigns, entries being written in Culpepper Courthouse, Leary's House, Bethesda Church, and Avery's House, Va. These entries have not been separately described]
 September 1864 [subseries]:
Atlanta falls
 1864 election
Furlough to Massachusetts
3rd Battle of Winchester
  October 1864 [subseries]:
Battle of Cedar Creek
 November 1864 [subseries]:
Maryland emancipation
 1864 election
  January 1865 [subseries]:
Arrest of Senator Foote
Crumbling Confederacy
Smithsonian Institution
Gen. Grant's new home
Murder in Treasury Building
14th Amendment
 February 1865 [subseries]:
 March 1865 [subseries]:
14th Amendment ratification
Inauguration of Lincoln
Sheridan's victories
Sherman's progress
 April 1865 [subseries]:
Lee surrenders
Lincoln's death and funeral
Assassination attempts on Cabinet members