Howell family papers  1770-1798
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Gideon Howell (1728-1803) and his wife, Sarah Gordon (1732-1803), of Morris County, New Jersey, had 9 children: Sarah (1754-1833), Martha (1756-1815), Ezekiel (1758-1831), Abigail (1761), Hannah (1763-1829), Daniel (1765-1790), Abigail (1767-1832), Gaius (b. 1770), and Elias (1772-1829). Daniel Howell married Eunice Keen (b. February 25, 1770), daughter of Captain James Keen, on September 1, 1789. In October 1789, they joined John Cleves Symmes and other settlers in founding North Bend, Ohio. Daniel died there of an illness on July 6, 1790, and six weeks later, Eunice gave birth to their son, Gideon Daniel Howell (d. 1866), on August 23, 1790. She later married William Rittenhouse.

Deborah Peirson, a relation of Gideon Howell and Sarah Gordon, was born in April 1723. She had at least two children, Elias and Jerusha, and also had sisters named Jemime and Hannah. Her son Elias had at least three children: Abigail, Elias, and Jeremiah. She lived in Bridgehampton, New York, in the late 18th century. The Howell and Peirson families were united by marriage when Hannah Howell (1757-1822), Ezekiel Howell's daughter, married Nathan Peirson (1748-1826) in 1778.