The History of the Reign of George III  1820-1823
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Horatio S. Noyes collection [series]
Folder   17  
  1862 November 27 . [Horatio S. Noyes?] ALS to "California Friends." (4 pages)
"A poetical epistle to California friends." Poetic reflections on the Civil War, friendship, and Thanksgiving Day.
  1871 December 30 . H[oratio] S. Noyes ALS to Charlie [Noyes]; Cotton Exchange, New Orleans. (12 pages)
Travel from New Orleans to Andrew Robinson's sugar plantation. Riverboat travel and scenery along the Mississippi River. Brief visit to Battle of New Orleans site. African American plantation laborers and servants, including freed slaves. Breakfast menu at Robinson's plantation. Tour of sugar plantation and description of sugar refining process. Return to New Orleans on steamer with many African American passengers.
  1879 November 21-December 24 . "Letter from the Rocky Mountains-Extracts from Brown's Journal;" "Camp on Owl Creek, Wyoming." (3 pages)
Army life, marching orders, and preparation of winter quarters. Making camp and moving through difficult country. Supplies delivered by wagons and trains. Road and bridge construction. Cold weather and winter garments. Friendship with Mrs. Bragg, a rancher's wife. Imagines Christmas Eve in Newton. Horatio S. Noyes's request for a proof by Thursday morning.
  1880 January 20 . "Letter from the Rocky Mountains;" Camp Cottonwood, Wyoming. (3 pages)
Description of army camp and scenery in southern Wyoming, near the Colorado border. Preparation of winter quarters and construction of a stable and men's quarters. Friendship with Mrs. Bragg. Lack of information about nearby Native Americans. Horatio S. Noyes's request for a proof and for the quick return of the manuscript.
  Undated . [Horatio S. Noyes?] ADf. (6 pages)
Talk entitled "A Round Trip." Journey from Chicago through northeastern and southern states. Lengthy description of Richmond, Virginia, including warm weather and statues of George Washington and other important historical figures. Locals' reverence of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, despite their actions against the Union. State Capitol and carpetbagger governor. African American members of state legislature. Visit to Libby Prison and discussion with an African American who had witnessed the tunnel escape of February 1864. Richmond commerce and economic boom. Travel to Weldon, North Carolina, and first impressions of North Carolina.
Folder   18  
  Undated . (46 pages)
. Lecture about astronomical subjects such as the history of astronomy, the Solar System, the planets (including Earth), the Moon, comets and meteors, the possibility of alien life, and other topics.
  Undated . (24 pages)
. Essay on various astronomical subjects such as the history of astronomy and the contents of the Solar System.