James Furnis letter book  1755-1759 (bulk 1755-1758)
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The following photographs are housed in the Clements Library Graphics Division:

  • John Howard, ancestor of A.P. Crittenden (hereafter A.P.C.) -- modern print of a portrait
  • Major John Crittenden's first cabin (modern print)
  • Major John Crittenden (negative of a photo from original painting owned by William Lafayette Crittenden)
  • General Thomas Leonidas Crittenden, b. 1819 May 15, d. 1893. Taken during Civil War (oval print, missing card frame)
  • Silver tankard owned by Crittenden (modern color print)
  • C. Jones/Va./1866 (trimmed, tented carte de visite).
  • Rebecca Jones Craighill, wife of William P. Craighill, Charleston, West Virginia, sent to Sydney Van Wyck, Jr., in 1900 (5 ½ x 4) paper print, middle-aged woman in jet bead trim dress).
  • George King "See Jones book page 96" (cabinet photo of young man, taken in Dresden, Germany)
  • Lorania King, b. May 27, 1871, "in Jones book page 95.” Inscribed "For dear Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt with Lohi's love, Dec. 22nd 1892" (4 1/2 x 6 1/2" photo taken in Providence, Rhode Island, mounted on card, of a stylishly dressed young lady)
  • Clara Jones Crittenden, A.P.C.'s wife, and four of their children: Churchill leaning on his mother's shoulder, Annie to his right with her arm around James, Laura at far right (1/2 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • Laura Crittenden & Nannie Churchill Crittenden, children of A.P.C. "probably taken in Oakland Calif. (1/4 plate daguerreotype of two young girls, taken by photographer at 271 Broadway, in case)
  • [Laura Crittenden & Annie Churchill Crittenden] (1/2 plate ambrotype of two teenage girls in gutta percha case)
  • Churchill Crittenden, son of A.P.C. "original owned by Crittenden P. Steele" (modern copy "copied 1962, on frame 'San Francisco'" with negative)
  • Churchill Crittenden, son of A.P.C. (1/4 plate ambrotype without case)
  • [James Crittenden] son of A.P.C. (1/4 plate daguerreotype in case, missing cover)
  • [James Crittenden] (1/2 plate ambrotype of a youth, in case)
  • Henry Crittenden, son of A.P.C., d. May 1863 (1/4 plate tintype of young boy in case)
  • Florence Crittenden, daughter of A.P.C. (1/4 plate tinted tintype by Hamilton & Lovering, San Francisco, in case)
  • William Henry Van Wyck, brother of John Charles Van Wyck, father of Sidney M. Van Wyck (1/4 plate ambrotype in case of an elderly gentleman)
  • William Henry Van Wyck (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case, of an elderly gentleman)
  • William Henry Van Wyck (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • William H. Van Wyck & John King & Charles Van Wyck (1/4 plate daguerreotype, without case)
  • Ann Stedman Van Wyck, sister of William H. and John Charles, b. St. Kitts, West Indies, Nov. 24, 1785, married Louis Barney of Baltimore (1/4 plate daguerreotype without case of "portrait in possession of F.V.W. Peters")
  • Charles Van Wyck & Carrie Barney and Fanny Fernandez [Sidney's first cousins] (1/2 plate daguerreotype in case)
  • Miss Caroline [Carrie] L. Barney, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • Carrie Barney [daughter of Ann Stedman Van Wyck & Louis Barney] (1/8 plate daguerreotype in case)
  • Miss. Caroline L. Barney, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • David McMechen, brother of James, half brother of William and Benjamin. (modern print of photo of "portrait given Nannie Van Wyck by cousin Stedman R. Van Wyck & passed on to E.W. Putnam")
  • James Armisted Buchanan, son of Ellen McMechen, grandson of Ellen Bowles Armisted (modern negative and print of photo of daguerreotype, also present)
  • Frank Cooke, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype of a mature man, without case.
  • Elizabeth Hicks Van Wyck "1st wife of Richard Cooke Tilghman, [recorded] Dec. 6, 1893, Sidney M. Van Wyck, Jr., (carte de visite "photo of painting"). [Elizabeth Hicks Van Wyck was born 14 March 1782, married Richard Cooke Tilghman 24 November 1800. When she died, her sister, Frances Aker Van Wyck, born 13 January 1790, married Richard.]
  • Stedman Rawlins Tilghman, son of Richard Cooke Tilghman & of Elizabeth Hicks Van Wyck, d. aged 26, 30 July 1848 (miniature painting)
  • John Charles Tilghman (1/8 plate daguerreotype of mature man, without case)
  • Isaac Purnell, son of Elizabeth Cooke Tilghman & Frederick Purnell. Died at Shiloh in the Confederate service, 1863, aged 37 years (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • [Isaac Purnell] (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • Miss. M.C. Purnell, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • "Aunt Fanny" Frances Aker Van Wyck, 2nd wife of Richard Cooke Tilghman of The Hermitage, who apparently "mothered" Sidney after his own mother died (1/4 plate daguerreotype in case, missing cover)
  • [Frances Van Wyck Tilghman] (1/8 plate daguerreotype in case)
  • Fannie Van Wyck Tilghman (1/8 plate daguerreotype in gutta percha frame)
  • [William Van Wyck] brother of Sidney (1/4 plate daguerreotype in case, of a young man)
  • [John Van Wyck] (1/8 plate daguerreotype in case, of a young man without beard)
  • John Van Wyck, brother of Sidney, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype of a young man without beard, in case)
  • Sidney McMechen Van Wyck, about 1847, b. 1830, d. 1887 (1/4 plate daguerreotype of a young man, without case)
  • Sidney M. Van Wyck of Baltimore in California, ca. 1851 (7" tinted paper print [of a daguerreotype])
  • [Sidney M. Van Wyck, Sr.] (1/4 plate ambrotype in case of a mature young man)
  • Sidney M. Van Wyck, Sr. (large sepia paper print of a daguerreotype on card)
  • [unidentified friend of Sidney Van Wyck] (1/4 plate daguerreotype of young man, in case)
  • Friends of Sidney Van Wyck: Stephen Field, Mrs. Fairfax, Charles Fairfax, Mr. Taliaferro, ca. 1860, at Marysville, California (full plate ambrotype in case, by R.H. Vance)
  • [Laura and husband, Ramon Sanchez, Nannie Crittenden, and Alexander Parker Crittenden, possible taken at the Sanchez wedding, ca. 1863 (1/2 plate ambrotype, in case)
  • [Laura Crittenden Sanchez] ca. 1863 (1/4 plate ambrotype in case)
  • Nannie C. Van Wyck (3 1/2" oval paper print mounted on card - middle aged woman)
  • Nannie Churchill Van Wyck, age 52 years, 1895 (cabinet photo taken in Seattle, Washington)
  • Nannie Churchill Van Wyck, Carrie Crittenden Pratt, Laura Crittenden Sanchez (2 copies of 3 1/2" oval paper print mounted on card, by H.T. Motoyoshi, San Francisco, ca. 1900)
  • Sidney McMechen Van Wyck, Jr., San Francisco 1893 (cabinet photo taken in St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Sidney McMechen Van Wyck, Jr., July 1, 1895 (cabinet photo taken in San Francisco)
  • Sidney M. Van Wyck, Jr. (photogravure on card, two sizes)
  • Laura Van Wyck (small oval tintype of child in bonnet)
  • [Laura Van Wyck] (small carte de visite, ca. 1880 of two young girls, taken in San Francisco)
  • Laura Van Wyck (two 3”x5" paper prints in folder, by Curtis, of a young woman, ca. 1910)
  • Laura Van Wyck (oval paper print in folder by a San Francisco photographer)
  • Nannie Crittenden Van Wyck 1906 (2 views by Curtis, 3 1/2" ovals)
  • Clara Van Wyck, Nov. 1866, aged 16 months (carte de visite taken in San Francisco)
  • "Little Clara" Nov. 1866 (carte de visite)
  • [Clara Van Wyck], ca. 1867 (tintype with glass and foil frame, missing case)
  • Clara Van Wyck, ca. 1869 (tintype in standing frame by Currier & Winter, Kearney St., San Francisco)
  • [Clara Van Wyck], ca. 1880 (5 gem tintypes)
  • Clara Van Wyck, June 28, 1884 (3 different 2" x 2 1/2" paper prints mounted on card, taken by Chas. Lainier & Co., 31 Third St. [San Francisco] enclosed in a small envelope)
  • [Clara Van Wyck], ca. 1885 (3 circular views mounted on card, taken outdoors)
  • Clara Van Wyck (4”x3" paper print of a picnic scene mounted on card, Clara in foreground, a young woman)
  • Clara Van Wyck & Laura Van Wyck (two 2 1/2" circular prints on card of a group outdoors)
  • [Clara Van Wyck] (tintype in paper souvenir folder from the Midwinter Fair, San Francisco, 1894)
  • Clara Van Wyck (6 cyanotypes of a young woman in different poses, indoors and outdoors)
  • Clara Van Wyck (4 ½”x7" paper print on card of a young woman on porch)
  • Clara Van Wyck Putnam, husband, and friends "at Susie Lake, coming back from Tallac" (4”x4 1/2" paper print on card)
  • Clara C. (Van Wyck) Putnam & Elizabeth (4 ½” x 7 1/2" modern sepia print of ca. 1895 view of mother and baby and original paper print on card)
  • [Clara Van Wyck] with husband & daughter [Elizabeth] (2 1/4 plate tintypes taken at same session)
  • Alondra, Warm Springs, California, May 1897, Clara C. & Elizabeth W. P[utnam] (4 ½”x6 1/2" paper print mounted on card of young woman with baby on clapboard porch)
  • Clara C. (Van Wyck) Putnam, Osgood Putnam, Elizabeth W. Putnam with George Broadfield (2 tintype views of Clara, her husband, young daughter, and elderly man)
  • Clara C. (Van Wyck) Putnam puts on her wedding gown for pictures at 1020 Washington St., San Francisco, about 1899 or 1900 (2 modern sepia prints)
  • Elizabeth Putnam with her aunt Nannie Van Wyck, Berkeley, California, June 1900 (3” x 4" paper print)
  • Elizabeth Putnam, dressed as a boy, with five friends, ca. 1905 (4 ½” x 3 1/2" paper print)
  • Henry Huston Crittenden, eldest son of Gov. T.T. Crittenden, age 77 and 5 months, April 1937 (3” x 3" photo, soiled borders)
  • Rupert G. Crittenden, son of James, taken for a newspaper, 1965
  • Rupert G. Crittenden (newspaper clipping 1965 "The shadow is lifted")
  • Crittenden Churchill Crittenden, grandson A.P. Crittenden, died 1966 (small modern print)
  • William Clark Crittenden, grandson of A.P. Crittenden (small modern print)
  • Mrs. Hemsley 1854, nee Anna Wright (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case)
  • Ellen M. Dabney, 1880 London (trimmed cabinet photo of an elderly woman)
  • "Denard" 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case of a Negro man)
  • Rose, wife of Denard, 1854 (1/8 plate daguerreotype without case of a young black woman)
  • Unidentified daguerreotype
  • Unidentified daguerreotype
  • Unidentified daguerreotype
  • Unidentified photo, ca. 1900
  • Unidentified photo, ca. 1900
  • 10 additional photographs
  • Lara Hunt Fair, 1837-1919
Related Materials

The Clements Library's James V. Medler crime collection contains a letter from a San Francisco resident, who discussed the Crittenden murder trial in some detail (June 4, 1871).

The following institutions contain material related to the Crittenden family:

  • The National Archives: Letters of recommendation for Alexander Parker Crittenden and the service record of William Henry Powell, the Union officer who ordered the execution of Churchill Crittenden
  • The Rosenberg Library: letters from and about Alexander Parker Crittenden
  • Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas: Samuel A Roberts to M.B. Lane recommending Alexander Parker Crittenden for an appointment
  • Tulane University Library: from Alexander Parker Crittenden to Albert Sidney Johnson
  • The University of Washington Digital Libraries Collection holds Digitized Letters from the Crittenden Family
  • West Point Library: letters from Marlborough Churchill

Fair, Laura D. Wolves in the Fold: A Lecture. San Francisco, Cal.: Laura D. Fair, 1873.

Official Report of the Trial of Laura D. Fair, for the Murder of Alex P. Crittenden: Including the Testimony, the Arguments of Counsel, and the Charge of the Court ... : With Portraits of the Defendant and the Deceased. San Francisco: San Francisco Co-operative Print. Co., 1871.

Lamott, Kenneth. Who killed Mr. Crittenden?: Being a True Account of the Notorious Murder that Stunned San Francisco--the Laura D. Fair Case. New York: David McKay company, Inc., 1963.