William Sargeant manuscript Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54  Undated [c. 1800-1810?]
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Volume   1  
William Sargeant manuscript Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54 [series]:
Page   1-2  
Ceylon [in the Indian Ocean]
Page   3-29  
Bay de Castries on the East Coast of Tartary
Page   30-40  
Cape Crillon, Sakhalin
Page   41-43  
Port Mulgrave, Alaska
Page   44-52  
"Easter Island and Mowee" [Maui]
Page   53-61  
Sandwich Islands [Hawaii]
Page   62-66  
Oparo [Rapa], French Polynesia
Page   67-99  
Port des Francais, Alaska
Page   100-124  
Bay de Langle, Isle of Tchoka, Sakhalin
Page   125-130  
Bay d'Estaing, Isle of Tchoka, Sakhalin
Page   131-137  
"Cashmere" [Kashmir, India]
Page   138-147  
"Overland Route to India"
Page   148-161  
Concepcion and Concepcion Bay, Chile
Page   162-163  
Ceylon [in the Indian Ocean]
Page   164-171  
Melbourne, Leicestershire, England
Page   172-178  
Page   179-194  
Page   195-197  
"Cerigo"/"Cythera" [Kythira, Greece]
Page   198-203  
Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Italia
Page   203-204  
Pompeii, Italy
Page   205-220  
"Republic of St. Marino" [San Marino, Italy]
Page   220-221  
"Cardinal Alberoni"
Page   221  
"Imperial Gardens at Schoenbrun" [Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria]
Page   222-224  
Vienna, Austria
Page   225  
Taranto, Italy
Page   226-231  
Page   232-234  
"Xenophon's Retirement at Scillus"
Page   235-236  
"Anecdote of Petrarca & a Blind man"
Page   237-242  
"Persecution of the Jews in Portugal"
Page   243-258  
"Account of the City of Hieres & the Circumjacent Country" [Hyeres, France]
Page   259-263  
"Chinese Dwarf Vegetation"
Page   264  
"Threshing of Corn"
Page   265  
"Chinese Misionary"
Page   266-269  
"Of the State of the Arts and Sciences Among the Japanese"
Page   270-272  
"Dimensions of China"
Page   273  
Page   274  
"Swallows" [regarding the birds, in Sweden]
Page   275-295  
New South Wales [Sydney, Australia and Norfolk Island]
Page   296-315  
Batavia [Jakarta, Indonesia]
Page   316-322  
Monterey Bay
Page   323-327  
Bermuda Islands
Page   328-330  
"The Baths of Caldas da Rainha," Portugal
Page   331-334  
"St. Domingo" [Port au Prince, Saint Domingue]
Page   335-338  
Monterey Bay
Page   339-344  
"Lazaroni of Naples"
Page   345-351  
"Wurtemburg" [Württemberg, Germany]
Page   352  
Whitehaven, Cumberland
Page   352  
Canary Isles
Page   353-354  
"State of France at the commencement of the Revolution"
Page   355-378  
"Account of the present System of Public Instruction and of the National Scientific Establishment in the French Republic"
Page   379-381  
"Present State of Portugese Literature"
Page   382-386  
"State of Literature in Italy"
Page   387-388  
"The Seven Pagodas of Sadras," [India]
Page   389-391  
Calcutta, India
Page   392-394  
"Napaul" [Nepal]
Page   395-397  
"The Bound Hedge Fortification of Hindoostan
Page   398-400  
"Mysore Country," [India]
Page   [401-405]  
Index of Subjects
Page   [406-407]  
Index of Sources