Trelfa Photographic Collection, 1886-1920   1886-1920
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Organizational History:

The Council of Michigan Colleges of Education consisted of representatives from the four Michigan teacher colleges now known as Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, and Western Michigan University. The organization’s goals were to promote their common welfare, improve their services, bring about a closer understanding and cooperation between them and other higher education institutions, improve faculty conditions, cooperation and integration with programs of the Executive Council of Presidents of Michigan Colleges of Education. They were supposed to meet at least twice a year.

The Inter-faculty Council of Michigan Colleges of Education was probably the successor to the Council of Michigan Colleges of Education and the Michigan unit of the Inter-faculty Association. In November 1956 the name formally changed to the Inter-faculty Council of Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western Michigan Colleges. In March 1959 the name changed to reflect the fact that Western had been granted university status. In July 1959 all but Northern had been granted university status, and another name change reflected this fact. Northern attained university status and another name ensued by March 1963. In July 1964 Michigan Technological University joined the Interfaculty Council, causing another name change. Whatever its name, the Council had representatives from each of the Michigan teaching colleges or universities. Its goals were the same as that of the Council. They met every July and November. One set of meeting minutes are identified as the Inter-faculty Council of the Inter-faculty Association, November 7-8, 1958, which proves their connection. It had various committees to address its membership’s concerns. Committees represented in the collection include instruction, professional problems (grievances), tenure, and right to appeal.

The Inter-faculty Association of Degree-granting State Colleges and Universities of Education consisted of representatives of the four Michigan teaching colleges. Its main purpose was to serve as a “channel for the exchange of institutional experience and for the expression of faculty opinion.” It was the functioning body of the Interfaculty Association. It met once annually at least in 1965 and 1966 and existed in 1958.