Gerald L. Poor Collection,   1864, 1975, and undated
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Gerald L. Poor Collection [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Biographical Materials, 1975
Box   1 F   2
Certificates, 1968, 1971; Photograph, undated, 1968, 1971, undated
Box   1 F   3
Correspondence from Carl Berlin, 1942-1944
Box   1 F   4
Correspondence from Carl Berlin, 1945-1949
Box   1 F   5
Correspondence from Carl Berlin, 1950-1975
Box   1 F   6
About Carl Berlin, by Poor, 1975
Box   1 F   7
Correspondence re: Poor's Retirement, September 1973-April 1974
Box   1 F   8
Correspondence re: Poor's Retirement, undated
Box   1 F   9
Diary (Documents his Sophomore Year at Olivet College), 1927-1928
Box   1 F   10
Michigan Railroad Companies’ Stock Certificates and Ticket Stub (Miniatures), 1864, 1880s, undated
Box   1 F   11
Retirement Dinner, Cassette Tape, 1973
Box   1 F   12
Retirement Plaque Noting the Establishment of a Scholarship in Poor’s Name at CMU (Note: The Plaque is found in the rear of the box because of its size.), 1973
Box   1 F   13
Term Papers, A Study of Abraham Lincoln for Education C120, undated
Box   1 F   14
Term Papers, School and Society Through the Eyes of Juvenal (For the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts at the University of Michigan.), undated
Box   1 F   15
Term Papers, A Follow-up Survey of High School Graduates of Grayling, Michigan, for the Years 1930-1937, 1939
Box   1 F   16
Term Papers, Sociological Implications Involved in a Study of 25 Selected Garbage Cans, undated
Box   1 F   17
Term Papers, A Study of the Extent and Causes of Teacher-Turnover..., 1943
Box   1 F   18
Writing, Professional, Dedicated to a Classroom, 1960
Box   1 F   19
Writing, Professional, Dedicated to Fathers, 1956
Box   1 F   20
Writing, Professional, Education in Michigan in Days Gone By (by Ithaca Extension Class), 1945
Box   1 F   21
Writing, Professional, George Wheeler’s Michigan: Historical and Personal, 1974
Box   1 F   22
Writing, Professional, Of Nations, Schools, and Pedagogues, Education in Western Civilization, 1968
Box   1 F   23
Writing, Professional, Off to School: A Manual for Teachers of Beginning School in Midland County Schools, undated
Box   1 F   24
Writing, Professional, Sabbatical Leave Report, 1968
Box   1 F   25
Writing, Professional, This is the Way They Went to School West and Northwest of Saginaw Bay Around the Turn of the Century (For Au Gres Extension Course), undated