O. M. (Orlando Metcalfe) Poe Papers,   1853, 1878, and undated
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O. M. (Orlando Metcalfe) Poe Papers [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), 1856-1858
Box   1 F   2
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), 1859-1860
Box   1 F   3
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), 1861
Box   1 F   4
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), 1862
Box   1 F   5
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), January-June 1863
Box   1 F   6
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), July-December 1863
Box   1 F   7
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), November-December 1864
Box   1 F   8
Correspondence (including Circulars and Reports to Poe), January-April 1865
Box   1 F   9
Correspondence, Attachments, and Notes, 1867-1868, undated
Box   1 F   10
Daily Blade (North Carolina) Newspaper Clipping about the April 15, 1861 surrender of Fort Sumter, [circa April 15, 1861]
Box   1 F   11
Military Orders (includes Special and Engineering Orders), 1861-1864
Box   1 F   12
Reports (by Poe), 1860, 1863, undated
Box   1 F   13
U.S. Military Academy, Class Standing Reports (of Poe), 1853-1856
Box   1 F   14
U.S. Military Academy, Court of Inquiry Trial Papers, 1855
Box   1 F   15
Maps and Miscellaneous, includes: Itinerary of Route from Knoxville, Tennessee, and London, Kentucky, with Remarks and Map Sketches, September 28-October 1, 1863; Sketch (Pencil) of Eastern Suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, 1863; Sketch (ink) of Clarksburg, St. George, and Huttonsville, West Virginia, 1861; Note about a Map, October 1863; List of Maps (to be requested?), undated; Topographical Signs Notecard, undated; U.S. Ordnance Schematic, undated; Unidentified (Pencil) Sketch, undated; Map Sketch (ink) of Millerstown and Upton (state?), undated, 1861-1863, undated
F   1  
Oversized Folder, includes: Morning Reports, First Regiment Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, includes: company; regiment; number of officers, men, and teams; whence furnished (date); remarks; signed by Maj. John B. Yates (acidic, brittle), November 13, 1864-January 21, 1865, undated; Map Sketch (ink) of Livermore and Hartf (state?), undated; Muster Roll, Engineer Battalion Twenty-third Army Corps, includes: names and ranks of men; when, where, and by whom and for what time period joined; when, where, and by whom mustered; date and by which paymaster last paid; remarks; signed by Capt. Oliver S. McClure (very acidic and in pieces), June 30-August 31, 1863; Yellowstone National Park Map, Surveyed by F. V. Hayden (printed map), 1871; Lower Geyser Basin, Fine Hole River, Wyoming, surveyed by F. V. Hayden, (very acidic, in several pieces, printed map), 1871; Suez Canal, Farringdon Road, London, Chromo Lith., by W. Dickes, (in pieces and ripping, printed map), November 1869; Panama Railroad, surveyed in 1849, U.S. N. (printed map), March 19, 1866; War in Asia/ Map of Afghanistan, Surveys by British and Russian Officers up to 1875, printed by the U.S. Army (in two pieces, printed map), November 1878; Mountain Region of North Carolina and Tennessee, by H. Linden Kohl and Chas. G. Krebs, Lith., (printed map), 1863; Morgantown to Petersburg, Kentucky (Sketch, ink), undated; Lloyd’s Official Map of the State of Kentucky, by J. T. Lloyd (in pieces, brittle, very large printed map), 1863, 1863-1866, 1869, 1871, 1878