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Miscellaneous photographic collection

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Summary Information
Title: Miscellaneous photographic collection,
Creator: Anspach, Charles L. (Charles Le Roy), b. 1895
Inclusive dates: 1901, 1918, and undated
Extent: 2.75 cubic feet (in 6 boxes)
The collection consists mostly of variously sized tinted portraits, film negatives, glass-plate negatives, lantern slides, and tin types, of diverse topics.

Call number: MSS.
Language: The material is in English
Repository: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
250 East Preston Street
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3352
Fax: 989-774-2160

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Miscellaneous photographic collection is open for research.


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Miscellaneous photographic collection, Folder # , Box #, Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University


Arrangement is by format and size, and then alphabetical by topic.

Collection Scope and Content Note

This is a miscellaneous collection housed together because of format, not because of provenance. Parts of the collection were donated by several donors over a period of time prior to 1996.

The materials are divided by type of format and size. Some materials which were originally housed or appear to have come from the same donor have been processed together. Therefore, Film Negatives and Glass-Plate Negatives are in two locations in this collection. Ex. Film Negatives are found in both Boxes 1 and 4. In this collection are found Colored, or Tinted, Glass Portraits, Film Negative portraits of men, women, children, and couples [probably from the 1940s-1950s]; Glass-plate negatives of men and women, buildings and structures, a train, and a train station; Lantern Slides; two pamphlets; and Tin Types. Only one Glass-plate negative of construction is dated, 1901. The rest of the materials are undated and may run from the late 19th through the early 20th century.

While many of the images are unidentified portraits of men, women, children, couples, and groups, cows, and miscellaneous, identified images include that of Dr. Anspach (See the catalog record and finding aid to his papers under CMU. Office of the President for further information on him), George Muhlberg [men fencing], the train station at Hudson (Mich.), lumberjacks, the Michigan state capitol, the Chippewa Hotel on Mackinac Island, Dog Sleds, Lumber Yards, and numerous Straits ferries. Among the ferries are Lansing Shoal, Duluth, Tionesta, Juanita, Straits of Mackinac, City of Mackinac, City of St. Ignace, the St. Ignace, and the Majestic. Ferries identified by company name only include the Goodrich Transit Company and Arnold Transit Company.

Also of particular note in the collection are glass-plate negative advertisements for a wide variety of topics including: ad space, businesses, clothing, food, miscellaneous, newspapers, personal, products, and a theater.

Also found in the collection are some World War I “Support the War,” 1918 and undated, propaganda glass-plate negatives. Lastly, there are two Methodist Episcopal Church bulletins, one from Clarkston, 1918, and Wayne, 1912. The decision was made to not separately catalog the bulletins at this time.

Box 6 includes Miscellaneous which may be some photographic experiments with exposure. A number of the images appear to have superimposed images or other visual distortions.

Processing Note: Two glass-plate negatives were so badly cracked that they were withdrawn from the collection. Several others suffered damage from being cracked and/or the emulsions being almost or partial peeled away from the glass. These were scanned by the Clarke’s web master, Pat Thelen, on June 20, 2007. The originals, which could be safely housed without causing further damage to the emulsions, were retained, along with a paper print-out of the image from the scan. Those originals which were so severely deteriorated that they could not be safely housed, were withdrawn from the collection, and a CD of the scan as well as a paper print-out of the image were added to the collection in their place.

Subject Terms

    • Goodrich Transit Company.
    • Arnold Transit Company.
    • Methodist Episcopal Church--Michigan.
    • Railroad stations--Michigan--Hudson.
    • Historic buildings--Michigan--Mackinac Island--Pictorial works.
    • Advertising.
    • Loggers--Michigan.
    • Lumberyards.
    • Dogsledding.
    • Portraits, American.
    • Portraits--Children.
    • Portraits--Women.
    • Portraits--Men.
    • Ferries--Great Lakes.
    • Cows--Pictorial works.
    • World War, 1914-1918--Propaganda.
    • Hudson (Mich.)--History.
    • Mackinac Island (Mich.)--History.
    Contents List
       Container / Location    Title
    Miscellaneous photographic collection. [series]:
    Box   1 F   1
    Colored Glass [Tinted] Portraits, 4x3 inches, (2), undated
    Box   1 F   2
    Film Negatives, 5x3.5 inches, Children Portraits (22), undated
    Box   1 F   3
    Film Negatives, 5x3.5 inches, Group Portraits (11), undated
    Box   1 F   4
    Film Negatives, 5x3.5 inches, Men Portraits (10), undated
    Box   1 F   5
    Film Negatives, 5x3.5 inches, Women Portraits (26), undated
    Box   1 F   6
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Children Portraits (38), undated
    Box   2 F   1
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Couple Portraits (15), undated
    Box   2 F   2
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Group Portraits (7), undated
    Box   2 F   3
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Men Portraits (9), undated
    Box   2 F   4
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Women Portraits (24), undated
    Box   2 F   5
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Children (5), undated
    Box   2 F   6
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Construction (3), 1901
    Box   2 F   7
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Cows (5), undated
    Box   2 F   8
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Group Portraits (19 in 3 folders), undated
    Box   3 F   1
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Men Portraits (10 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   3 F   2
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Structures (3), undated
    Box   3 F   3
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Train (1), undated
    Box   3 F   4
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 4x5 inches, Women Portraits (2), undated
    Box   3 F   5
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 5x7 inches, Train Station (1), undated
    Box   3 F   6
    Lantern Slides, Buildings (2), undated
    Box   3 F   7
    Lantern Slides, Children Portraits (4), undated
    Box   3 F   8
    Lantern Slides, Dr. Anspach (11 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   3 F   9
    Lantern Slides, George Muhlberg (7) [men fencing], undated
    Box   3 F   10
    Lantern Slides, Group Portraits (7), undated
    Box   3 F   11
    Lantern Slides, Men Portraits (3), undated
    Box   3 F   12
    Lantern Slides, Miscellaneous (1), undated
    Box   3 F   13
    Lantern Slides, Women Portraits (3), undated
    Box   4 F   1
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Copy, Group Photograph (1), undated
    Box   4 F   2
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Lumberjacks (2), undated
    Box   4 F   3
    Film Negatives, 5x7 inches, Miscellaneous (2), undated
    Box   4 F   4
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Advertisement Space (2), undated
    Box   4 F   5
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Businesses (11 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   4 F   6
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Clothing (7), undated
    Box   4 F   7
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Food (6), undated
    Box   4 F   8
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Miscellaneous (5), undated
    Box   4 F   9
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Newspapers (4), undated
    Box   4 F   10
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Personal (4), undated
    Box   4 F   11
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Products (7), undated
    Box   4 F   12
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Advertisements, Theater (3), undated
    Box   5 F   1
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Group Portraits (5), undated
    Box   5 F   2
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Maps (2), undated
    Box   5 F   3
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Music (2), undated
    Box   5 F   4
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 3x4 inches, Scenery (3), undated
    Box   5 F   5
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 5x8 inches, State Capital (1), undated
    Box   5 F   6
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Chippewa Hotel, Mackinac Island (5 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   5 F   7
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Dog Sleds (3), undated
    Box   5 F   8
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Ferries [in the Straits] (18 in 6 folders), undated
    Box   6 F   1
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Lumber Yards (6 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   6 F   2
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Miscellaneous [includes what may be experimental exposure images] (8 in 3 folders), undated
    Box   6 F   3
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, Scenery (5 in 2 folders), undated
    Box   6 F   4
    Glass-Plate Negatives, 8x10 inches, "Support the War," [World War I propaganda images] (4), 1918, undated
    Box   6 F   5
    Pamphlets, Church Bulletins for the Methodist Episcopal churches of Clarkston; Wayne, 1918; 1912
    Box   6 F   6
    Tin Types, 2.5x3.5 inches, Group Portraits (3), undated