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Joe De Bolt, Central Michigan University Vietnam Moratorium Committee Records

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Summary Information
Title: Joe De Bolt, Central Michigan University Vietnam Moratorium Committee Records,
Creator: De Bolt, Joe.
Inclusive dates: 1967, 1983, and undated
Extent: Approximately 1 cubic feet (in 4 boxes, 1 Oversized film reel, 1 video)
Records of the committee, underground newspapers, newsletters, materials of other college and anti-war or protest movements, 8-mm "Moratorium" film, pamphlet, and videotape copy.

Call number: MSS.
Language: The material is in English
Repository: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
250 East Preston Street
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3352
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Joseph “Joe” W. De Bolt earned his B.A. from West Virginia State College (1961) and his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut (1975). He was hired by Central Michigan University (CMU) in 1967 and is currently a professor here in the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Dept. He served as the faculty advisor of the CMU. Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1967-1971. De Bolt is married with a son, Joe W. De Bolt, Jr., a daughter, and a step-son.

A politically radical anarchist in the 1960s, he has mellowed into a social libertarian. Reminiscing about his past work, De Bolt recalled that President Boyd was at a rally and said he supported the committee’s goals. De Bolt asked if that was so, why didn’t he agree to a teach in and shut the university down? Boyd, cornered, agreed to both. The next day, few students or staff attended the teach in. De Bolt then realized that shutting down the university had been a bad idea. It had only been an exercise in control and power. He hopes that future researchers using this collection will come to the same conclusion. (This information from a conversation with Joe De Bolt on September 18, 2002.)

Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection includes records of the committee, such as accounts, minutes, underground newspapers, and newsletters. It also includes related materials of other colleges, anti-war efforts, and radical, pro-labor, or anti-war literature and copies of newspapers and newspaper clippings.

The “How Many More” 16-mm film by De Bolt includes a pamphlet inside the film canister. The film documents events at CMU including 4,000 protestors at Finch Fieldhouse and 5,000 people marching through the streets of Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Both events occurred on October 15, 1969. A November 14, 1969 memorial service, teach in at Ferris State College is document, as well as another rally at Finch with 500 people, and loading busses for marches in Washington, D.C., on November 15, 1969. There are also national shots and period protest songs. The film was created via grant funds CMU was awarded. The original film was re-edited after it “migrated” to a New York (State) University, where it still resides. A VCR tape of the film is available.

An 8-mm untitled film footage of the 1970 student occupation of Main Hall, the old Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) building is also included. An information card resides with the film footage.

Subject Terms

    • De Bolt, Joe.
    • Central Michigan University--Faculty.
    • Central Michigan University--Students.
    • De Bolt, Joe.
    • Vietnam War, 1961-1975--United States.
    • Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements--United States.
    • Mount Pleasant (Mich.)--History--20th century.
    Contents List
       Container / Location    Title
    Joe De Bolt, Central Michigan University Vietnam Moratorium Committee Records [series]:
    Box   1 F   1
    Biographical Materials, 1971
    Box   1 F   2
    Account for J. De Bolt film “How Many More”, 1970-1971
    Box   1 F   2
    Anarchist, New Left, Material, 1983, undated
    Box   1 F   3
    Anti-ROTC Materials, undated
    Box   1 F   4
    Anti-war Materials, 1970-1972
    Box   1 F   5
    Anti-war Movement Publications, undated
    Box   1 F   6
    Anti-Vietnam War Movement Publications, 1968-1970
    Box   1 F   7
    Be (Newsletter), 1970
    Box   1 F   8
    Beyond Life (Newsletter), 1970
    Box   1 F   9
    [President] Boyd's Address to Faculty, September 1968
    Box   1 F   10
    Cascot System (Literature), undated
    Box   1 F   11
    (Newspaper) Clippings, Anti-war, 1969
    Box   1 F   12
    Central Michigan University (CMU) Anti-war Movement, Propaganda Materials, 1969-1970, undated
    Box   1 F   13
    Central Michigan University (CMU Newspaper, CMLife), Clippings on Activities, 1971
    Box   1 F   14
    Correspondence of CMU Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1969-1970
    Box   1 F   15
    Criticism of Film Motivation by Students, undated
    Box   1 F   16
    Detroit Coalition to End the War, Publications, undated
    Box   1 F   17
    EFIL (Newsletter), 1969-1971
    Box   1 F   18
    Election Data Collected by Joe De Bolt Campaign Minor for Bennie Graves, circa 1969-1970
    Box   1 F   19
    Election Material Collected for Bennie Graves, Congressional Campaign, 1969-1970
    Box   1 F   20
    Electoral Politics Projects, undated
    Box   1 F   21
    Environmental Studies Program at CMU, 1971
    Box   1 F   22
    First tour, Joe De Bolt and Bennie Graves Congressional Campaign, circa 1969-1970
    Box   1 F   23
    Friendly Gargoyle (Newsletter), 1969
    Box   1 F   24
    GGBB (Mount Pleasant High School Publication), undated
    Box   1 F   25
    Guardian (New York Newspaper), February 21, 1970
    Box   1 F   26
    Human Rights Party of CMU, 1974
    Box   2 F   1
    Imperialism Papers, Student Papers for Sociology 398, topic: U.S. Imperialism (folder 1 of 3), undated
    Box   2 F   2
    Imperialism Papers, Student Papers for Sociology 398, topic: U.S. Imperialism (folder 2 of 3), undated
    Box   2 F   3
    Imperialism Papers, Student Papers for Sociology 398, topic: U.S. Imperialism (folder 3 of 3), undated
    Box   2 F   4
    Joe De Bolt's File Relating to the American Civil Liberties Union, 1968
    Box   2 F   5
    Joe De Bolt's, Bennie Graves' and John W. White's Campaign Materials, 1970
    Box   2 F   6
    Joe De Bolt's Material for film "How Many More", undated
    Box   2 F   7
    Kent State Killings (Mount Pleasant, Sunday News) Newspaper Clippings, March 29, 1971
    Box   2 F   8
    Letter of Resignation of Vice-president of New Democratic Coalition, 1970
    Box   2 F   9
    Letters / News Received, 1967-1970
    Box   2 F   10
    List of CMU Faculty Who Are Anti-war, 1969-1970
    Box   2 F   11
    Local Anti-war Materials, 1969
    Box   2 F   12
    Materials Allegedly taken from ROTC files, 1969
    Box   2 F   13
    Michigan Clergy and Laymen List, undated
    Box   2 F   14
    Michigan Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam, Publications, 1970
    Box   2 F   15
    Military Anti-war, Newspaper clippings, mostly from the Detroit Free Press, 1968-1969
    Box   2 F   16
    Miscellaneous Anti-war Publications, 1968, undated
    Box   2 F   17
    Moratorium Contacts List, undated
    Box   2 F   18
    Moratorium Events and Suggestions, 1969
    Box   2 F   19
    Moratorium News, 1969
    Box   2 F   20
    Moratorium Speakers, Notes About, undated
    Box   2 F   21
    Movement Activities at CMU, Social Reform, 1969-1971
    Box   2 F   22
    National Committee Against Repressive Legislation, Pamphlet, undated
    Box   3 F   1
    New Democratic Coalition Materials, 1969-1970
    Box   3 F   2
    New Democratic Coalition of Michigan Materials, 1969-1971
    Box   3 F   3
    Newspaper Clippings, Anti War, 1969
    Box   3 F   4
    Newspaper Clippings, Concerning War Crimes, 1971
    Box   3 F   5
    Newspaper Clippings, Internal Spying, 1970-1971
    Box   3 F   6
    Newspaper Clippings, Military Anti-war, mostly from the Detroit Free Press, 1968-1969
    Box   3 F   7
    Newspaper Clippings, Various Topics, 1971
    Box   3 F   8
    New University Conference Materials, undated
    Box   3 F   9
    New University Conference News, 1969-1970
    Box   3 F   10
    OFAL (Newsletter), 1969
    Box   3 F   11
    Pamphlet, National Committee Against Repressiveness Legislation, undated
    Box   3 F   12
    Peace Contract (Anti-war Support), Lists and Notes, undated
    Box   3 F   13
    Petitions, Anti-war Demands, undated
    Box   3 F   14
    Photograph, Michigan Demands Peace Protest, undated
    Box   3 F   15
    Radical Educational Project Materials, 1970
    Box   3 F   16
    Receipt Paid by Vietnam Moratorium Committee, undated
    Box   3 F   17
    Receipts and Order Forms for Student Anti-war Organization, 1969
    Box   3 F   18
    Recording, Reel-to-reel Tapes, Talk in Washington March (November 15, 1972?) and talk on Moratorium by CMU Anti-war Committee, October 25, November 15, 1972[?]
    Box   3 F   19
    Repeal the Draft Movement Materials, 1970-1971
    Box   3 F   20
    Repeal the Draft (Newsletter), 1970-1971
    Box   3 F   21
    Resolution of Workers League, undated
    Box   3 F   22
    SDS : New Left Notes from Anti-war Files, 1969
    Box   3 F   23
    Search (Newsletter), 1971
    Box   3 F   24
    Speech by Bennie Graves, 1970
    Box   3 F   25
    Speech Outline by Joe De Bolt, undated
    Box   3 F   26
    The Spring for Peace (Newsletter), 1970?
    Box   4 F   1
    The Struggle (Newsletter), 1970-1971
    Box   4 F   2
    Student Revolt - Campus Unrest, undated
    Box   4 F   2
    UPI News Releases, undated
    Box   4 F   4
    U.S. External Spying, 1971
    Box   4 F   5
    Vanguard (Newsletter), 1969
    Box   4 F   6
    Vietnam Moratorium Committee Accounts, October-November 1969
    Box   4 F   7
    Workers League, Resolution, undated
    F   1  
    “How Many More” 16-mm Film (Oversized Film Case on Top of Box 1), October-November 1969
    F   1  
    "How Many More" 1 VHS Videotape (On top of box 2), October-November 1969
    F   3  
    8mm Colored Film (of occupation of CMU ROTC building), October-November 1969