R. Mortimer Buck Papers,   1850-1909, and undated
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George H. Carpenter Family Papers [series]:
Box   1 F   1
Carpenter, George, Audit of Books of Remus Marketing Association, 1922
Box   1 F   2
Carpenter, George, Business Transactions with Byards and Sellers of Remus, 1922- 1925, undated
Box   1 F   3
Carpenter, George, Degree for Divorce from Fernie Carpenter, 1920
Box   1 F   4
Carpenter, George, Inventories, Statements of Assets, 1912-1930
Box   1 F   5
Carpenter, George, Knights of Columbus Membership Card, 1902
Box   1 F   6
Carpenter, George, Land Contracts, 1917-1927
Box   1 F   7
Carpenter, George, Leases, 1923-1929
Box   1 F   8
Carpenter, George, Miscellaneous Papers, 1922-1935 (scattered)
Box   1 F   9
Carpenter, George, Mortgages, 1917-1926
Box   1 F   10
Carpenter, George, Play Program for "The Old District School," 1926
Box   1 F   11
Carpenter, George, Real Estate Transactions Concerning Windmill Pointe, 1928, 1937
Box   1 F   12
Carpenter, George, Receipts, 1923
Box   1 F   13
Carpenter, George, Warranty Deeds, 1892-1923
Box   1 F   14
Carpenter, Henry, Notebook and Obituary, 1909-1918
Box   1 F   15
Carpenter, Henry, Warranty Deeds, 1894-1906
Box   1 F   16
Carpenter, Ruby, Certificate of Title of a Motor Vehicle, 1935
Box   1 F   17
Carpenter, Ruby, Correspondence between Ruby Musgrove (later Carpenter), her Mother and brother, Billy, 1915-1918
Box   1 F   18
Carpenter, Ruby, Insurance Policy for Calvin V. Carpenter (foster child of Ruby Carpenter), 1937
Box   1 F   19
Carpenter, Ruby, Land Contracts, 1919
Box   1 F   20
Carpenter, Ruby, Receipts, 1904- 1918 (scattered)
Box   1 F   21
McCormack, Elicits, Land Contract, 1916
Box   1 F   22
McKelvey, Berry, Mortgages, 1902-1903, 1906
Box   1 F   23
Russ, Otto, Warranty Deed, 1892
Box   1 F   24
Simpson,Effie, Mortgages, 1904-1905
Box   1 F   25
Simpson, Effie, Warranty Deed, 1901
Box   1 F   26
Simpson, Effie, Quit-Claim Deeds, 1904-1906
F   1  
Oversized folder, mostly undated material, includes: advertisements (broadsides 9x12.5 inches, the first three have street layouts on the back) for Low and Yerkes Subdivision (2); Oakland Land Company's subdivision (which may have been theoretical); Boulevard Park Subdivision; Abstracts of title for Alfred M. Low's Subdivision, 1914 and Water Works, 1919; advertisements, perhaps used by the agents for their own reference (8x17 inches) with street layouts and notes and some names written in, some blocks or lots colored red for: City Heights Subdivision (in 2 pieces), Monterey and Richton (1 printed, 1hand drawnn), Moss Avenue (1 colored in, 1 plain), North Woodward (2 with different notes); 1 complete, 1 partial ad for Woodward Park Subdivision, one with text side and red and green colors, one without text and only green areas. All items have some dirt stains, acid issues, tears, discoloration, ink blots or names crossed out. Companies and agents named are: Geo. H. Carpenter, Martin Brennan, Edward L. Leddy, James H. McDonald, Judson Bradway, Hannan Real Estate, and Gerard-Stormfeltz-Lovely Company. Lots advertised on the broadsides began at $375 or $600. In an effort to sell to single families and not landlords, subdivisions were described in the other advertisements as residential only, no flats in City Heights and Monterey and Richton, where, in the latter, lot prices ranged from $2,250 to $3,500. A street of exclusive bungalows were advertised on Moss Avenue with sidewalks, sewer, water, and gas. North Woodward offered water and gas and was restricted to residences only. Woodward Park was similarly rigidly restricted., 1904-1906