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Arthur Bronson Family Papers

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Summary Information
Title: Arthur Bronson Family Papers,
Creator: Bronson, Arthur.
Inclusive dates: 1815-1867, and undated
Extent: 1.25 cubic ft. (in 2 boxes)
The papers include accounts, land papers, correspondence, miscellaneous, and printed materials.

Call number: MSS.
Language: The material is in English
Repository: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
250 East Preston Street
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
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Acc# 2554

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Arthur Bronson Family Papers are open for research.


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Arthur Bronson Family Papers, Folder # , Box #, Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University


Arrangement is alphabetical then chronological.



Arthur Bronson was born on January 14, 1801 in New York (City), the seventh child of Isaac and Anna (Olcott) Bronson. He married Anna Eliza Bailey, daughter of Gen. Theodorus Bailey of New York, on November 20, 1823. They lived in New York and Connecticut.

Arthur was an attorney, a land speculator, a money lender, and a promoter of westward expansion. He died of pneumonia on November 19, 1844, leaving three children, names unknown. Anna Eliza survived until at least 1847. (This information is from reel 1 of 30 of the Bronson Family Papers in microfilm.)

Collection Scope and Content Note

The collection includes Arthur Bronson’s Accounts, 1817-1843 and undated; Land Papers, 1833-1844, for Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New York (State) and Kings County, and Wisconsin; Legal Papers, 1828-1849; Correspondence, 1820-1848 and undated; Miscellaneous, 1825-1843 and undated; and Printed Materials, including maps, laws, land sale fliers and advertisements, etc., 1815-1867 and undated. Companies documented include the Peru Iron Company, Union Bank of New York, and the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company.

Some of Arthur’s papers are found in the collections of his father and brother, Isaac and Frederic Bronson, and in the Bronson Family Papers. Bronson papers housed at other institutions are available at the Clarke on 30 reels of positive microfilm (Micro. Mss. F-40). These include Arthur’s letters, 1825-1838?, 1815-1844 and accounts, 1823-1844 (reels 3-5); letters, 1822-1834 (reels 9-10); letters, 1838-1844 (reels 13-16); legal cases, undated (reel 19); letters, 1835-1836 (reel 22); and accounts, 1846-1865 (reel 23).

For additional letters of Anna Eliza (Bailey) Bronson, see the Bronson Family Papers finding aid.

Letters to Arthur Bronson may also be found in the Charles Butler Papers (3 reels of positive microfilm, Mss. Micro. F-79).

Subject Terms

    • Bronson, Arthur.
    • Bronson family.
    • Real property--Illinois.
    • Real property--Michigan.
    • Real property--Indiana.
    • Real property--Wisconsin.
    • Real property--Florida.
    • Real property--New York (State)
    • Banks and banking--New York (State)
    Contents List
       Container / Location    Title
    Arthur Bronson Family Papers are open for research. [series]:
    Box   1 F   1
    Accounts, 1817-1818
    Box   1 F   2
    Accounts, 1819-1829, undated
    Box   1 F   3
    Accounts, 1830-1834
    Box   1 F   4
    Accounts, 1835-1837
    Box   1 F   5
    Accounts, 1838-1839
    Box   1 F   6
    Accounts, visit to springs in Virginia, 1838-1839
    Box   1 F   7
    Accounts, 1841-1843, undated
    Box   1 F   8
    Accounts, with John Ward and Company, 1833-1843
    Box   1 F   9
    Accounts, New Brighton Association Stock Accounts, 1843
    Box   1 F   9
    Accounts, undated
    Box   1 F   10
    Catalogue of a Law Library, 1828
    Box   1 F   11
    Land Papers, Florida, 1833-1835
    Box   1 F   12
    Land Papers, Illinois, 1833-1844
    Box   1 F   13
    Land Papers, Illinois, (Printed Matter: Report to the Board of Canal Commissioners, 1833; Assorted Newspaper Clippings), 1833
    Box   1 F   14
    Land Papers, Indiana, 1836-1844
    Box   1 F   15
    Land Papers, Indiana, Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, 1833-1836
    Box   1 F   16
    Land Papers, Michigan, 1836-1844
    Box   1 F   17
    Land Papers, New York State, 1830-1843
    Box   1 F   18
    Land Papers, New York State, Kings County, Securities of William R. Grove, 1839-1840
    Box   1 F   19
    Land Papers, North Carolina, undated
    Box   1 F   20
    Land Papers, Wisconsin, 1840-1844
    Box   1 F   21
    Legal Papers, 1828-1849
    Box   1 F   22
    Legal Papers, Benjamin P. Horner; Nathaniel P. Talmadge; Matthew Vassar; Nathan Conklin, Jr. vs. Savings Bank of New Haven and other depositors and creditors of the Eagle Bank of New Haven and said Eagle Bank; and Ebenezar Seeley to James Tallmadge (5)), 1829
    Box   1 F   23
    Letters, Benjamin Lord (2); Lynch and Clarke; Theodore Lyman, Jr.; Thomas Ludlow; J. P. Froding; Alex LeRay, 1820-1822
    Box   1 F   24
    Letters, B. A. Gould; Eleazar Lord (3); John Lowell, Jr. (3); Alex LeRay (2); Frias, Morland and Company (2), 1823-1824
    Box   1 F   25
    Letters, Jacob Rutsen van Rensselaer; John H. Vorhees (2); Oliver Wolcott; H. D. Sedgwick (4); Gorham and Pomeroy; James K. Boyd; others, 1825
    Box   1 F   26
    Letters, E. L. Loseys; Henry D. Sedgwick (3); G. L. Thompson; John Hone; Francis Welch (2); James B. Murray; James Tallmadge, 1826
    Box   1 F   27
    Letters, H. B. Lloyd; James Ladd (2); Francis Lattus; Joshus Aiken; Abijah Fisher, 1827
    Box   1 F   28
    Letters, Robert Schuyler (2); Henry D. Sedgwick (5); Richard Varick, 1828
    Box   1 F   29
    Letters, Joshua Forman, 1829
    Box   1 F   30
    Letters, J. L. Roberts; Henry D. Sewall; Alvin Bronson; Ritchie and Cook (Richmond Enquirer); J. D. E. Vander Heyden; Jessie Brown; Philo C. Bush; William B. Ludlow; J. Rutsen van Rensselaer (2); Jesse Oldfield, 1830
    Box   1 F   31
    Letters, Fr. Granger; Jesse Oldfield (2); Josiah S. Hayt (?) (2), 1831
    Box   1 F   32
    Letters, James B. Murray; James C. VanDyke; Henry Talmadge; Thomas L. Ogden; Francis Olmsted; C. F. Mercer (3); Albert Gallatin; Henry W. Livingston; Ebez’r Jesup (5); H. W. Livingston (2); Josiah S. Hayt (?) (3), 1832
    Box   1 F   33
    Letters, James B. Murray; Winfield Scott (2); Gerrit Smith (3); J. F. Schermerhorn; Charles Butler; Theodore B. Tallmadge; C. C. Trowbridge; Michael Dousman, January-July 1833
    Box   1 F   34
    Letters, E. Farnsworth; R. A. Forsyth (2); Jonathan Armory; J. van Rensselaer; Lewis Cass (Draft Letter); Charles Butler (3); E. Kirby; Richard J. Hamilton; J. F. Schermerhorn (2), August 1833
    Box   1 F   35
    Letters, A. W. Schermerhorn; J. F. Schermerhorn (3); Caleb Fordham; Th. J. V. Owen; Charles Butler (2); W. B. Woolsey; E. Farnsworth (3); Richard I. Hamilton; Lucius Lyon; George Field, September-December 1833
    Box   1 F   36
    Letters, Jacob Walker; Richard Hamilton (2) and Jonathan Kinzie; C. K. Green; James B. Murray; Henry D. Sewall; Th. J. V. Owen (2); George Field; Jabez Foster; J. F. Schermerhorn, January-March 1834
    Box   1 F   37
    Letters, E. Farnsworth (2); J. Foster; Richard J. Hamilton, April-May 1834
    Box   1 F   38
    Letters, Lewis Cass; W. P. Tallmadge; Thomas W. Olcott; M. T. Williams (5); A. Mann, Jr.; Roger M. Sherman; Peter A. Jay (2); Jno. Duer; Wm. Johnston; Thomas Lefferts, June 1834
    Box   1 F   39
    Letters, Elon Farnsworth; Ezekiel Lee; M. T. Williams (2) and Jacob Burnet; B. H. Putnam; Th. J. V. Owen, July 1834
    Box   1 F   40
    Letters, George Field (3); Richard Hamilton; Thomas J. V. Owen; Jno. H. Kinziel David Lyon; Jesup Wakeman; W. Short; Samuel L. Edwards; Elon Farnsworth (3); C. K. Green; T. Cadwallader; A. W. Farnsworth, August-October 1834
    Box   1 F   41
    Letters, Elon Farnsworth (3); Jacob Walker; Lucius Lyon (4); Lot Clark (3); George Field; I. A. Wells (3); Charles Butler; James Porter (3); C. C. Trowbridge; Shubael Conant; Dan B. Miller; Junius H. Hatch (4); J. F. Schermerhorn; Perkins Nichols; N. Brush (2), November 1834
    Box   1 F   42
    Letters, G. G. Rerks; James Porter; C. C. Trowbridge; Charles F. Mercer; Thomas Fitzgerald; J. F. Schermerhorn, December 1834
    Box   1 F   43
    Letters, M. H. McAllister; E. Farnsworth; Jacob Walker; C. F. Mercer; R. A. Hill (2); Richard J. Hamilton; Horace Smith; Capt. Hill, January-February 1835
    Box   1 F   44
    Letters, Field, Bronson, Smith, and [Barcakalow] Agreement About Their Trip; Capt. Hill; Richard J. Hamilton; B. A. Putnam; George Field; D. McLaughlin, March 1835
    Box   1 F   45
    Letters, C. F. Mercer; Samuel L. Edwards; J. F. Schermerhorn; Joseph M. White; Jacob Walker; M. Loveland; Isaac Elston; James H. Leonard; C. K. Green, May-June 1835
    Box   1 F   46
    Letters, Jacob Walker (5); Samuel L. Edwards; C. K. Green (2); J. F. Schermerhorn (2); Aaron Vanderpool; C. F. Mercer (2); Richard J. Hamilton, July-September 1835
    Box   1 F   47
    Letters, C. K. Green (2); J. F. Schermerhorn; Richard J. Hamilton (2); Jacob Walker; George McIntosh (2); Benjamin Mills; John Robinson (2), October-December 1835
    Box   1 F   48
    Letters, Ann Gorham; Jacob Walker; Richard J. Hamilton (2); George W. Jones; Taylor and Dunham; Thomas W. Olcott (4); Walter Gregory; Charles Butler (3); American Land Company; J. F. Schermerhorn; Gracie and Sargent; James B. Murray; Henry Toland, January-March 1836
    Box   1 F   49
    Letters, William B. Lewis; James B. Murray; Grant Goodrich (3); American Land Company; Stephen Forbes; John Jacob Astor, April 1836
    Box   1 F   50
    Letters, Elisha Jenkins; J. Lorillard; American Land Company (3); A. G. Ellis and Company; A. G. Harrison; Picket Latimer, May 1836
    Box   1 F   51
    Letters, American Land Company; L. S. Linus (?); Alex L. Ely (?); John B. LaFarge; Ms. Draft, “Indiana Improvements,” by Jesse L. Williams, published in the Journal of Commerce, June 28, 1836, June 1836
    Box   1 F   52
    Letters, T. R. Green; American Land Company (2); John D. Ansley; W. Green; R. Lansing (2); Thomas J. Angel; Handbill: “Wabash and Erie Canal Lands,” 1836?, July-September 1836
    Box   1 F   53
    Letters, American Land Company; Thomas W. Olcott; William Leggett; A. Bronson (2); H. H. Hurlbut, October-December 1836
    Box   1 F   54
    Letters, Robert M. Goodwin; Edward H. Ludlow and Company; Louis McLane; Gorham D. Abbott (2) (American Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge); Jacob Walker (2); Julia Edwards; John B. McMunn, January-June 1837
    Box   1 F   55
    Letters, John B. McMunn; James S. Wadsworth; American Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (4); American Land Company; C. K. Green; Thomas W. Olcott; James Grant; Stevens T. Mason, July-December 1837
    Box   1 F   56
    Letters, Absalom Peters; Frederic Bronson; Alvin Bronson (2); Ver Planck Van Antwerp; Thomas W. Olcott; L. H. Sandford; E. Harrison; James S. Wadsworth; James B. Murray (3); James Grant (2); C. K. Green; H. H. Hurlbut; R. S. Baldwin; E. Bostwick; Roger S. Baldwin; George Griffin, Jr. (2); William B. Ogden; Seth Osborn, 1838
    Box   1 F   57
    Letters, Grant Goodrich; Fr. W. Knapp; I. S. Hanna; James Grant (2); Peter Gremps (?); Roger S. Baldwin; John B. McMunn; C. Gould; Maria Murray, January-June 1839
    Box   1 F   58
    Letters, W. Cuyler; James B. Murray (2); A. P. Grant; W. Anderson; Thad. Phelps; Henry Caldwell; O. Bronson; O. O’Hara; Maria Murray; Ann Gorham; George Griffin, Jr.; Murray (Your Most Aff. Nephew); Winfield Scott; Richard Peters; R. McMillan, July-December 1839
    Box   1 F   59
    Letters, Frederic Bronson (2); T. B. Osborne; James B. Murray (6); Butterfield and Collins (2); John B. McMunn (2); Thomas W. Olcott; D. P. Brewster; Asa Curtis, January-April 1840
    Box   1 F   60
    Letters, M. Hale; H. L. Ellsworth; Maria B. Murray (2); Alvin Bronson (2); E. Corning; A. Baldwin; Hartford Insurance Company; A. D. Baldwin; H. Baldwin; Maria Murray; Thomas B. Osborne; James G. Bolles; Thomas W. Olcott, August-December 1840
    Box   1 F   61
    Letters, Eagle Fire Company; Charles R. Gorham (2); Thomas B. Osborne; T. Glover; H. L. Ellsworth; Phineas B. Cook; John Harris; Sherman Page; J. D. Doty; John B. McMunn (2); Thomas W. Olcott; H. C. Van Schaick; W. L. Johnson; Jonas Earle; Francis Griffin; T. Hartley Crawford; Bernhart Henn; H. C. Gibson; Henry W. Hamlin, January-June 1841
    Box   1 F   62
    Letters, Bronson Murray (3); W. O. Goode; William B. Ogden; Richard Coxe; Thomas C. Legate (2); Archibald Gamble; William M. Gouge, July-September 1841
    Box   1 F   63
    Letters, Thomas C. Legate (2); George Griffin, Jr.; Bronson Murray (4); H. H. Ward; William M. Gouge (3); D. Goodwin; Hartford Fire Insurance Company; O. H. Champlin; N. P. Tallmadge; Thomas B. Osborne; James J. Roosevelt; Alexander Proudfit, October-December 1841
    Box   1 F   64
    Letters, Thomas C. Legate (2); E. Farnsworth; Thomas W. Olcott; Thomas B. Osborne; William McMurray; Bronson Murray (2); Ann Gorham; Frink and Walker (John Frink); M. N. Ellis; Mutual Insurance Company (3); James B. Murray; W. L. Ellsworth, January-June 1842
    Box   1 F   65
    Letters, George Griffin, Jr. (2); American Land Company; C. Macalester; T. W. Olcott; T. B. Osborne (2); G. W. Cambloss; Robert Gracie; James Murray (2); Alonzo Bebee; J. W. Balistin; N. Freeman; Mutual Life Insurance Company (3); Remsen Ganetson; Phineas B. Cook; Winfield Scott; William B. Ogden; J. W. Mitchell; Mercer Street Presbyterian Church; E. Farnsworth; A. Garrett; O. W. Fisk (2); A. Gorham; W. Foster, July-December 1842
    Box   1 F   66
    Letters, Charles F. Butler; Thomas B. Osborne (3); Walter Butler; Absalom Peters; James Harris; George C. Gibbs; Robert Peters; James B. Murray (3); Nathaniel F. Moore, January-February 1843
    Box   1 F   67
    Letters, W. B. Burnett; Richard J. Hamilton; Robert Peters (2); George C. Gibbs; William Field; Thomas W. Wells; Bronson Murray; C. Bracken; Jonathan P. Barry; J. B. Murray, March-June 1843
    Box   1 F   68
    Letters, A. N. Falkton; David Hale; Bronson Murray; A. A. Fink (2); Jonathan Amory; Francis Allyn; J. L. Campbell; DeWitt Parshall; Barrow (?); Oliver Bronson; Richard McCoy; J. Haskins; John L. Mason; Peter A. Mesier, July-December 1843
    Box   1 F   69
    Letters, W. J. Bunker; F. Howe; Hartford Fire Insurance Company; R. E. W. Adams; Isaac Foster; James Hussey; George C. Goddard; B. Allen; Samuel Bodle; Thomas B. Osborne; John S. Graham; New York and Erie Railroad Company; Ogden and Jones; James Glasgow; George R. Young, July 1844-January 1848
    Box   1 F   70
    Letters, W. Smith; New York City Temperance Society; George Lockwood (?); M. L. Whiting; Oliver Bronson, undated
    Box   1 F   71
    Meteorological Records, St. Augustine and Tallahassee, Florida, 1828-1834
    Box   1 F   72
    Miscellaneous Papers, Penn Iron Company Stock Memorandum, September 15, 1826; Memo of an Understanding between H. D. Sedgwick and Arthur Bronson, June 10, 1825, 1825-1826
    Box   1 F   73
    Miscellaneous Papers, Papers Relating to Peru Iron Company, 1826
    Box   1 F   74
    Miscellaneous Papers, Papers Relating to Peru Iron Company, 1827-1828
    Box   1 F   75
    Miscellaneous Papers, Papers Relating to Union Bank, New York, 1830-1833
    Box   1 F   76
    Miscellaneous Papers, Papers Relating to Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company, 1834
    Box   1 F   77
    Miscellaneous Papers, Letters Written by Arthur Bronson on State Debts with Particular Reference to Michigan, 1841; Peru Iron Company Papers; Assay Report on Copper Signed by J. R. Chilton, 1836-1843
    Box   1 F   78
    Miscellaneous Papers, Printed Matter, undated
    Box   1 F   79
    Miscellaneous Papers, undated
    Box   1 F   80
    Newspapers Clippings Relating to Western Land and Affairs, undated
    Box   1 F   81
    Printed Matter Relating to Florida, undated
    Box   2 F   1
    (legal-size), Maps, Erie County, New York, 1856; Florida; Wisconsin; South of Lake Ontario, undated, 1856; undated
    Box   2 F   2
    (legal-size), Publications, Booklets from New York, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, 1815-1867
    Box   2 F   3
    (legal-size), Publications, Circulars, 1845-1861, undated
    Box   2 F   4
    (legal-size), Publications, Miscellaneous, 1833-1856, undated
    Box   2 F   5
    (legal-size), Newspapers, mostly from New York (folder 1 of 3), 1823-1841, undated
    Box   2 F   6
    (legal-size), Newspapers, mostly from New York (folder 2 of 3), 1823-1841, undated
    Box   2 F   7
    (legal-size), Newspapers, mostly from New York (folder 3 of 3), 1823-1841, undated