Traverse City (Michigan) Photographic collection,   1850, 1969, and undated
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Central Michigan University. University Communications, Art and Posters. [series]:
F   1  
Oversized Folder #1 Art [most items include editorial notes]: CMU Buildings: Alumni Building, pencil drawing, signed by Church, 9.25x7 inches, taped to board with attached onion skin paper, undated; Alumni Building, print of above pencil drawing by Church, 9.5x7 inches, taped to board, 1992; Student Activing Center (SAC), print of below drawing by Church, 1993, 9.5x7.75 inches, on board, 1993; Student Activing Center (SAC), original ink drawing by Church, 13xz10.5 inches, taped to board, 1993; Bovee University Center (UC), pencil drawing by Church, 16.5x11.5 inches, on board with onion skin paper, 1990; CMU Athletes: CMU Women’s Basketball Jersey #31 [Carla Sterk-based on 1992 women’s basketball game program], pencil drawing by Church, 1993, with label CMU Chippewa Club, 1992-1993, taped to cardboard with onion skin, 17.5x11.5 inches, 1993; CMU Football Jersey #E35 [Desmond Schultz-based on 1992 football game program], charcoal drawing by Church, 1992, CMU Chippewa Club, 1991-1992, taped to board with onion skin, 17.5x11 inches, 1992, 1990, 1992-1993, undated
F   2  
Oversized Folder# 2: Posters: Biological Station at Beaver Island (folded). 1996 – 23x11 inches; Summer Studies on Beaver Island. 2005 – 22x17 inches; Summer Studies on Beaver Island. 2006 – 22x17 inches; Outdoors. Outreach. Outcome. 2007 – 22x17 inches; Let’s Take it Outside. 2008 – 16x8.5 inches; Outdoors. Outreach. Outcome. 2008 – 22x17 inches; CMU Admissions Posters: College Night. September 25, 2007 – 17x11; Central Michigan University (Vision, Mission, Goals). undated – 17x11 inches; Discover Central, Discover You. undated – 17.25 x 11.25 inches; Wish you were here. undated – 17x10 inches; Your Transfer Destination. undated – 24x18; CMU Athletic Posters: Central Michigan University: Basketball. 1978-1979 – 22x17 1978-1979, 1996, 2005-2008
F   3  
Oversized Folder #3 Posters: CMU and You Day: CMU and You Day. undated – 17x11inches; CMU Program Board/ Speaker Series Posters: Dicy Lee Ray: Alternative Energy Sources. November 17, 1975 – 20x15 inches; CMU Scholarship Posters: A College Scholarship for High School Leaders. 2003 – 22x16 inches; The Leader Advancement Scholarship. 2005 – 22x16 inches; You are so smart! 2007 – 21x16 inches; We’ll help you get here! 2008 – 21x16 inches; We’ll help you get here! 2009 – 21x16 inches; Earn Some CMU Gold. undated – 18x12 inches; CMU School of Music Posters: Music Majors Auditions. 2007 – 17x11 inches; Music Majors Auditions. undated – 17x11inches; CMU Student Services Posters: Grading: A Raising Academic Standards Workshop. November 1, 2002 – 17x11 inches; Michigan Story Festival. 2006 (various dates) – 17x11 inches; Michigan Story Festival. 2007 (various dates) – 17x11 inches; Top 10 Tips for Parking at CMU. undated – 17x11inches Stay Safe at CMU. undated 17x11 inches; Emergency Notification : A new campus alert system at CMU. undated – 17x11 inches; Tough Enough to Take a Stand. undated – 17x11 inches; “I wish I had said something”. undated – 17x11 inches; What a Novel Idea! undated – 17x11 inches, 1975, 2003, 2005-2009, undated
F   4  
Oversized Folder #4 Posters: Graduate Studies/ Extended Degree Programs Posters: School of Music Graduate Programs. 2007-2008 – 17x11 inches; School of Music Graduate Programs. 2012-2013 – 17x11inches; Master of Arts in Mathematics, undated – 17x11 inches; Take the Lead: Master of Arts in School Principal ship. undated – 17x11 inches; Central Michigan University: Extended Degree Programs. undated – 20x16 inches; Greek / Fraternity / Sorority Posters: I Love My Wife. 1986 (various dates) – 30x17 inches; Leadership Institute: Leaders Wanted. 2007 – 22x16 inches; Leaders Wanted. 2008 – 22x16 inches; Leaders Wanted. 2009 – 22x16 inches; Leaders Wanted. 2010 – 22x16 inches; Take the Lead. 2013 – 22x16 inches; Minority Affairs Posters: “One night I was walking…” (Red, Black, and White). undated – 21x17 inches; “A man walking by me…” (Black, Red, and White). undated – 21x17 inches; “I feel that I’m being…” (White, Red, and Black). undated – 21x17 inches; Study Abroad Posters: “Being in London gave me…”. undated – 12x11 inches; “I studied geography…”. undated – 12x11 inches; “I picked Groningen…”. undated – 12x11 inches; “I studied business for…”. undated – 12x11 inches; “My study abroad scholarship…”. undated – 12x11 inches; “I studied science for a…”. undated – 12x11 inches; Study abroad - for all its worth. undated – 22x17 inches; Museum Posters: Only at the museum. 2008-2009 – 11x17 inches; University Theatre Posters: My Sister in this House. 1994 (various dates) – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2007-2008 Season. 2007-2008 – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2008-2009 Season. 2008-2009 – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2009-2010 Season. 2009-2010 – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2010-2011 Season. 2010-2011 – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2011-2012 Season. 2011-2012 – 17x11 inches; University Theatre: 2012-2013 Season. 2012-2013 – 17x11 inches; I ought to be in pictures. undated – 17x11 inches, 1975, 1986, 1994, 2002-2003, 2005-2013, undated