[Samuel Hodgman letter, October 29, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-29 [page 1]

HdQrs 7th Mich Vol. Inf Near Warrenton Va
Oct 29. 1863

Dear Father

I have not much to write
this morning, and not much disposition
to write at all, as I have got a headache
but if I put it off I may not have as
good a chance for some days. The
boots have not got here yet. but I suppose
are in Washington all right & will get
here before long. I wrote to have you
send me a pair. When you send them
I would like to have my sack coat
that I left at home sent with them
I would like to have it cleaned.
Where do you buy your boots? I sincerely
hope that Clem. will be drafted.
We had a nice little brush with
Ewell's CorpsConfederate States of America. Army of Northern Virginia. 2nd Corps at Bristow.Bristoe Station (Va.)They attacked us unexpectedlyBristoe Station, Battle of, Va., 1863 and had us at as
great disadvantage as possible but
they got hold of the wrong men  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-10-29 [page 2]
Our BrigadeUnited States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd. Brigade, 3rd was the first one they
tried and we were ready for them before
they could get to us, They fired worse than I ever knew them to do, and our men made havoc among them.Bristoe Station, Battle of, Va., 1863 We were at
the foot of a long slope, along the R.R.
which protected us very much until
we charged upon them. Their shots went
mostly over us, Killing and wounding
but about 200. on our side while they
confess to a loss of over 1000 and several
pieces of Artillery. Some shots came pretty
close to me, but we have got used to that
& dont mind it much. I dont know what
we are going to do next.- whether we will
follow them up or go into winter quarters
somewhere near here. I think I shall
deposit $200. next pay day in the Mich
Insurance Bank unless you think you could
use it to better advantage and have it
so that I could be sure of it at any time

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