[Samuel Hodgman letter, May 3, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-05-03 [page 1]

Fredericksburg VaFredericksburg (Va.)
Sunday May 3d 1863

Dear Father

We have stormed the rebel worksFredericksburg, 2nd Battle of, Fredericksburg, Va., 1863 and they are
ours We have been through a terrible
storm of shells and there is but
one of the 7thUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865)killed I never expected
to come out alive but here I am
safe & sound without a scratch
I got covered with dirt two or three
times, and felt very uncomfortable
for a time but soon got used to
it and actually went to sleep under
their fire. We were partially protected
by a stone wall which was banked
up with earth on the side toward
the enemy  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-05-03 [page 2]
You will review an account of the
battle sooner then you get this
This is secesh paper, envelope
wafer & enclosed is a secesh
postage stamp. We are giving
the rebs particular Jesse nowadays
Our brigadeUnited States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd. Brigade, 3rd is to do Provost
duty at this city for the presen
t The city belongs to us- we have
won it twice- we have taken
3 pieces of artillery & a large
number of prisoners. We are now
bivouacked in a nice poplar grove
back of the city - Love to all

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