[Samuel Hodgman letter, March 10, 1863, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-03-10 [page 1]

Falmouth Va.Falmouth (Va.)
[Mar 10th 1863]

Dear Father

I received your letter of the 1st inst
yesterday & was very glad to hear from
you. You speak of men coming home sick
& lame & recovering so soon after they get
home. It is the opinion of a great many
of our Surgeons that a great many whom
they are obliged to discharge for disability
would soon recover if they were at home
I have frequently heard them say of some
poor sick fellow that if he was at home
he would get well without doubt in a
short time while here he would linger
along for weeks perhaps months & die at
last. My health is very good now but
it dont seem as though I could go through
the hardships I have experienced again
and come out alive- but I shall
take what comes along. I hope we shall
not have to go into those infernal swamps
on the "Peninsula" again I have very  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-03-10 [page 2]
little to do now a days. I have been
Officer of the Guard once since I came
here and commanded Co. C on a grand
review of the Cops by Gen Hooker.Hooker, Joseph, 1814-1879 It is
the custom for the reviewing officer to acknowledge
the salute of the colors by taking off his hat
& bowing. I thought, though perhaps it was
only fancy- that he bowed a little lower
and paid a little more attention to our
battle torn & stained flag than he did to
others- By the way I enclose a piece of it
taken off where it was struck by a piece of
shell or some other missile. I want
you to keep it as a "precious relic"
I heard yesterday that our pontoon
train was in motion. Some predict
a battle in a few days, others say that
it is returning to Washington. If so it
is probably needed somewhere else
perhaps at Charleston "Quien Sabe"
I receieved a letter from Rob Morris a
day or two ago. He thinks it would not
be advisable to take the books from Arnold
as it would create ill feeling. He will  p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-03-10 [page 3]
send a manual without cost, if
desired, to some other and - He also
informed me that you was a -
Conservative in principle &c I am glad
of it. If in looking over the list of
notables you find XCIX thats me
You will find my business card in
the bible Nehemiah 2d15th verse. You need
not show this to anybody unless
you think best.
Well I am doing duty with the
Ambulance train for a few days
again - Not much of anything to do
and a good horse to ride. I may possibly
get to be a decent horseman some time
I can't brag any now on that score
The 5thUnited States. Army. Michigan Cavalry Regiment, 5th (1862-1865) & 6thUnited States. Army. Michigan Cavalry Regiment, 6th (1862-1865) Cavalry were here a week
ago the 6th left 3 companiesUnited States. Army. Michigan Cavalry Regiment, 6th (1862-1865). Company L at Washington
among them the one in which the ClimaxClimax (Mich.)
boys are. They were a muddy looking
set when they got here I can assure
you They were just getting their intia-
tion into soldier life, A Soldier
does not know how to take things till  p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1863-03-10 [page 4]
he has been in the army several months
and then the most of them will take
they can lay their hands
on He has no respect for fences (which
are only matters of history where the army
has been) and laughs at locks & bolts
Wo be to the pig or shanghai on which he
has set his eyes- it is doomed. Well
I wish this war was as near its close
as this sheet is- By the by I have made
up my mind to do one of two things
when I get home- either get married &
settle down for life or start for some
other Country. Mexico- California or some-
where else, Which shall I do?
Give my love to mother & the boys & respects
to all friends.

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