[Samuel Hodgman letter, September 18, 1862, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-09-18 [page 1]

Hospital near the battle field of Sept 17th 1862
[Sept 18th 1862]

Dear Brother

I have at last been in
a fightAntietam, Battle of, Md., 1862 & a tough one too
I bear the marks of it- in
the shape of a ball hole
through my left leg about
four or five inches above my
Knee and a good hard rap
from a piece of shell on
the inside of the calf of my
right. Neither of the wounds
are serious but they inter-
fere materially with loco-
motion for the present
We had 29 men when
we went into action and have
heard from 20 of them
who are wounded I have
heard of but two who have  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-09-18 [page 2]
come out safe. George TravisTravis, George W., d. 1862
had his leg broken I helped
him behind a stump &
have not since heard from
him- It is now nearly noon
of the 18thAlbertBrimmer, Albert E.got a ball
through his breast crosswise
not very bad. Lieut PhetteplacePhetteplace, Elhanan was shot through
the thigh. I got hit by the
shell in the first of the firing
which seemed to be mainly
directed at our CompanyUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I
and the one on the right of
it, probably with the design
of capturing the colors which
were between us I endeavored
to rally our men around
them twice and was then
wounded and had to
skedaddle to the rear
I walked about two miles
and their found a hospital p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-09-18 [page 3]
and had my wound dressed
It pains me considerably
to day so much so that I
shall not try to write much
more. The details of the battle
you will get in the papers
much better than I could
give them. I know scarcely
anything of them as yet farther
than what concerns our own
RegtUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865) & dont even know where
that is now. I know that
the rebs flanked us and
poured in a tremendous fire
of Shell, grape & canister &
musket balls, and learn
that our troops have the
best of it.

 p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-09-18 [page 4]
S. C. H.
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