[Samuel Hodgman letter, February 13, 1862, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-02-13 [page 1]
Camp BentonCamp Benton (Md.)
Feb 13th 1862

Dear Brother

I have taken my seat at
my desk for the purpose of writing a letter
to you. I have not taken my pen in my
teeth or my toes nor have I fastened it
to my elbow. I do not write to let
you know that I am well for I have
a miserable cold. Aside from that I am
as well as usual which means very well
I have given up all hopes of going home
for the present. I suppose I might get sick
or shoot some of my fingers off and get
a furlough in that way but I dont like
it. It is quite expensive traveling too-
It would cost me about $[illegible]. the best I could
do to go and return. I think from the
movement of things that weUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I shall
all get a chance to go home early in
the summer. The rebels seem to be very
nearly bagged now and they will
have to come out of their holes soon
and show fight. I do not think we shall
move from here till the roads get better
They are, at present, horrible. Those who
are so eager for somebody else to do  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-02-13[page 2]
something might perhaps change
their tune somewhat if they had to
superintend the march of a few thousand
men especially in the winter season. The
march of an army is a great undertaking
even in the best of weather but in winter
and in an enemy's country it is vastly
more difficult
We had a jolly time here
last night over the news from the Burnside expedition.Burnside's Expedition to North Carolina, 1862 The boys had a bonfire in
the parade and after marching an
effigy of Jeff DavisDavis, Jefferson, 1808-1889 round the square
mounted on a rail they finished by
burning it and giving three groans
for Gen StoneStone, Chas. P. (Charles Pomeroy), 1824-1887 who is now in arrest
The feeling here is very strong against
him. Citizens here of known secesh
tendencies predict that the war will
be closed in 90 days from now They
think that the south is in a fix
The Mich 7th is improving very much
in drill and discipline and is now
known as one of the best on the Potomac
If there is any hard work to do we shall
be pretty sure to get it when the army
is put in motion
 p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-02-13[page 3]
The health of the regt is very good now
with the exception of colds, many
of the men are troubled with them
We have lost one man since we came
here (Co. I I mean) and have two or
three others who are good for nothing from
the same disease- if disease it may be
called. Some call it indiscretion
others different names. One peculiar-
ity of the colds here is that in many cases
they affect the hearing. At times I can
with difficulty hear conversation in a
low tone. When I first get up in the
morning my hearing is best- nearly perfect
and worst about 10 o’clock in the forenoon
It is improving slowly and I hope will
be all right in a week.
I think my prospect is good
now for promotion in a few days
Lieut PhetteplacePhetteplace, Elhanan has resigned and
if his resignation is accepted I shall
probably get the place. I know of no one
who stands between me and it and
I am fortunate enough to have the
good will of the entire company so far
as I know. If I get it my pay and privileges
will be more and my work much
 p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-02-13[page 4]
As usual I have written a rather
rambling disconnected epistle but I dont
have time nor a disposition to rewrite
it especially now as the drummer's
call has just beat for tattoo.
Tell father that I am much obliged
for those boots I will try and do something
more some day. Give my love to Father
Mother and Charley and my respects
to all the rest of the friends I never
could think to thank Bowen for sending
those stamps when I wrote to him. Thank
him for me. I sent him $5. a few
days ago

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