[Samuel Hodgman letter, January 21, 1862, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 1]
Camp BentonCamp Benton (Md.)
Jan 21st/62

Dear Father & Mother

I received
your letter of the 13th last
Saturday night and was
very glad indeed to hear
from you- The papers
came all right. The box
I shall look for in a few
days. I should be very glad
if I had the boots now
as it is "horrible" muddy
The soil here is a reddish
clayey loam and when
it gets wet it's awful The
water does not soak in
but stays on top till it
runs off or is dried up
by the sun and wind
WeUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I had a little excitement
last Saturday night  p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 2]
A short time after
we had gone to rest
both Lieutenants came
down to the Quarters in
great haste with- turn
out boys, turn out as
quick and as still as
you can. The balloon has
been attacked and one
man shot in the head
We turned out- four
companies of us and went
down to the balloon and
after making great prep-
arations, found that one
of the guard had gone
out a little distance from
the beat and shot at anoth-
er and then come back
again. The man who was
shot was hit on the head
just grazing the skull  p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 3]
We soon came back and
turned in again to
muse on the "uncertainties
of life" and how we had
been fooled into a march
of a mile in a dark, foggy
night through the mud
McFarlinMcFarlin, Hulet P. was selected as
Color Sergeant but I do not
understand that he ranked
any higher than before-
certainly not above me
He will probably get his
discharge in a few days
on account of "varicose
veins" in his leg The doctor
will tell you what that
is. Another man has
taken the colors now
Captain LovellLovell, Bexaleel W. is now on
leave of absence to Vermont
He will be back next
Tuesday  p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 4]
You speak of a Mr Withey
who has returned- It is
not Withey but his son in
law Kendall-Kendall, Andrew M.He lives
in a glass house- he
I dont see that the men
have deteriorated in morals
since leaving Mich. None
have been drunk who did
not drink before and
none have stolen who
did not get the gift of
stealing honestly long
before they joined the army
Men who had principles
before – have them still
and adhere to them, while
those of no principle are
easily led astray. BrimmerBrimmer, Albert E.
keeps all right. "Of a truth
it may be said of the soldier
of the Mich 7th that he taketh
nothing that he cannot reach"  p.5 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 5]
The boys dont gamble
much as Col GrosvenorGrosvenor, Ira A.
issued an order against
it some time ago- A great
deal of their leisure time
is spent in playing cards
or checkers for amusement
I have played but one
game of cards since
I entered the service
That was while we were
on picket last month
I engage in nothing that
can keep my attention
from my duties, indeed
I seldom have time enough
to play a game without
interruption. I do not
allow it in my room although
if I could sit down and have
a quiet game occasionally I  p.6 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 6]
should enjoy it, but to
prevent its becoming a
nuisance I have to nip
it in the bud
Gen LanderLander, F. W. (Frederick West), 1821-1862 left here
when he was wounded at
the time we crossed the
river. Since then for a few
weeks Col Hinks1 of the
Mass 20thUnited States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 20th (1861-1865) commanded
Col GrosvenorGrosvenor, Ira A. has had
command for the last
few weeks There is a report
that the Brigade is to be
reorganized and Col DanaDana, Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh, 1822-1905 of the Minn 1stUnited States. Army. Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864) appointed
Brig Gen I cannot vouch
for its truth Our men
have no confidence in
Gen StoneStone, Chas. P. (Charles Pomeroy), 1824-1887 and would
hate to go into battle
under him  p.7 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 7]
In regard to Mc Farlin'sMcFarlin, Hulet P.
discharge I will say a few
words He has not sought
it but every one who sees
his leg says he has no
business here. He hurt
it a few days ago while
drilling on double-quick
since which he has been
much worse and the
Colonel tells him he
must go home. He says
he is bound to enlist again
the first chance he gets
Our Company is now on
Picket duty. I remain in
camp to "run" what is
left here & see to the
provisions. They will stay
there a week. The weather
is not so good as it was
when we were there before  p.8 Samuel Hodgman letter 1862-01-21 [page 8]
Tattoo is beating and
I must close Give my
respects to all inquiring
friends. I am going to write
to them when I get paid off
I have lent out all my
money so that I have to
borrow to pay postage on
this Love to all

I have broken one of the points
of my pen

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