[Samuel Hodgman letter, December 1, 1861, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-12-01 [page 1]
Camp BentonCamp Benton (Md.)
Dec 1st 1861

Dear Mother

I received your letter last night and
hasten to reply. I find my stock of paper is exhausted
and rather then borrow I use this which is an exact
copy of my report this morning. Of the 23 sick eight are
waiting for their discharge which will be made out in
a few days, The others are not very bad off. Those blankets
from Mrs Reid have not arrived yet. Capt LovellLovell, Bexaleel W.
does not know where to look for theirs. If you
send anything send fw express to PoolesvillePoolesville (Md.)
I would be very glad of the boots we are allowed
to wear them if we choose If Father makes a pair
I would like them loose and not very heavy uppers-
long legs- 17 or 18 inches and heavy soles. My shoes
are good yet. The tops are not yet worn off I have
drawn a pair of the sewed [illegible] shoes which
are first rate for dry weather but dont keep the mud
off the clothes. I mistrust that weUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I shall have
to move into Virginia again in a few days. I
have good reason for thinking so too. The "looks of things"
is more encouraging on our side than they have been
heretofore. Defeat is not all on our side now
I sent $15.

home the other day by Lieut. PhetteplacePhetteplace, Elhanan
he was to leave it with B. F. Travis $10 is for Dr Lovell
and $4 for Friedman. If I am promoted I shall want
to use all my money to purchase uniforms &c, and
will have to borrow some from somebody here. Had
it not been for this I should have sent $30 more
for somebody to use. Our Company sends home over
$2500. this payment. You say I have more sympathizers
than I am aware of- if so it seems strange that none
of them write to me. Tell me who some of them are
I am anxious to know. I know that Galesbugh people
were friendly toward me. I had many assurances of
 p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-12-01 [page 2]
that before I left. I would like to know how matters stand
in other quarters. I will send an envelope for Capron
to mail his next letter in and I think it will
come straight I shall try and write to Travis tomorrow
I must now close as it is about time for Dress Parade.
Love to Father Frank & Charlie and all the “lations”
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