[Samuel Hodgman letter, September 12, 1861, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-12 [page 1]
Meridian Hill Near WashingtonMeridian Hill (Washington, D.C.)
Sept 12th 1861

Dear Parents

As I may not
Soon have another opportunity
of writing home I will
embrace the present. WeUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I
have received orders to march
and will probably start to
morrow We do not know
where Col GrosvenorGrosvenor, Ira A. informed
us this afternoon that four
Generals had claimed us
And that General LanderLander, F. W. (Frederick West), 1821-1862
had succeeded in getting
us attached to his brig-United States. Army of the Potomac. Corps, 2nd. Division, 2nd. Brigade, 3rd
ade composed of ours and
two Mass.United States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 19th (1861-1865)RegimentsUnited States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 20th (1861-1865) Our
fame as a regiment stands
 p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-12 [page 2]

inferior to none. Indeed
we are considered the best
regiment that has come
into Washington-Washington (D.C.) not in
point of drill- but in
general appearance size
of the men, and civil,
orderly behavior. Last
night our arms came
which were Springfield
rifles for the two flanking
companies and part rifled
and part smooth muskets
for the rest. To day the
quartermaster has been
busy in packing them
up to send back to
the Arsenal. Our arms
are to be Sharps Rifles
for the flanking companies
and Belgian rifles for the
rest at present As soon as
possible we are all to have

 p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-12 [page 3]

Sharps or Enfield rifles
We would have them
now but they are not to
be had at present. Col GrosvenorGrosvenor, Ira A. says Col BerdanBerdan, Hiram, ca. 1823-1893
has played high and
be low, see who has the
guns We are attached
to the advance guard
of the whole army in
Virginia and will see
fighting if there is any
To be done- probably in
less than two weeks. We
are to be sent on a secret
mission none of us know
where or for what object-
only that fighting is in
prospect. None of us feel
faint hearted yet. The
nearer the prospect of dan-
ger the less I seem to dread
it. I know not how it will

 p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-09-12 [page 4]

be when I come to stand
face to face with it. When
it is the will of God that
I shall do so I shall try and
do my duty like a man
let the consequences be what
they may. Last night one
of our sergeants and the
orderly of Co. C.United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company C took a “secesh”
near the camp- at least
if not a "secesh” he was taken
under very suspicious circum
stances, He was traveling along
near a spring where the
troops get water. They put
him in charge of a Mass. Regt
near us I dont know what they
have done with him. Love to
Charley- all the relatives
and friends- if I have time
and opportunity I will write to
them all.

Send letters
to Washington
with directions
to forward
Be sure to put
on the Company
and Regiment
I have not
received any
letters from
home yet 1

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