[Samuel Hodgman letter, July 2, 1861, United States Civil War] : electronic edition
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 p.1 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-07-02 [page 1]

Camp of Instruction, Fort WayneFort Wayne (Detroit, Mich.)
July 2/61

Dear Brother

I suppose you have
learned ere this that I have
"gone a sogerin" – It's so and
I have been on dutyUnited States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 7th (1861-1865). Company I since
yesterday morning . My time
is mostly taken up with the duties
of my office and
in learning the routine of
camp life. McFarlinMcFarlin, Hulet P. & Geo TravisTravis, George W., d. 1862 are here from C.Climax (Mich.)
Wellington EldredEldred, Wellington came with
us but was taken sick
at KalamazooKalamazoo (Mich.) indeed he
was so very sick that it
took two men to get him
He was so weak that he could

 p.2 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-07-02 [page 2]

not stand up. Don't write home
anything about it.

July 3
We had to go into afternoon
drill before I could finish
this, so I will do it to day
I am getting somewhat more
accustomed to my duties &
they seem easier. We drill
every morning from 5 till 6
then breakfast, Regimental
parade and drill follows
till 11, at 12 dinner - lounge
around till 3 - then drill
till 6 - then supper– at 7 dress
parade - at 9 tattoo. and
sleep till half past 4 when
the morning gun calls us
out again. We have just
received a lot of arms, I
hear that our Regiment has
the first choice - Minie Rifles
or K, muskets I dont yet know

 p.3 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-07-02 [page 3]

which. The men have
just finished stacking
them and a guard is
mounted over them who
allow no one to approach
nearer then four feet
so that we cannot examine
them at present, We have
very good fare - better
than Wakeshma fare a
great deal - plenty to eat
and it is well cooked and
of good quality. Our Regimental
officers are a very gentlemanly
set of men and are very
much liked by their subordinates
We were, yesterday sworn in
to the State Service "tight as
a brick" It is now about
time for drill and I must
close this letter. I shall
write to you as often as I
can and I want you to

 p.4 Samuel Hodgman letter 1861-07-02 [page 4]

do the same without reference
to mine, or rather without
waiting for them

Direct your letters to me
as 1st Sergt Co I 7th Regt
Care of Capt B.W. LovellLovell, Bexaleel W.
Fort Wayne
Detroit M

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