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Editorial [Volume 11] Berleant, Arnold
Notices [Volume 11]
Recent Publications [Volume 11]
A SYMPOSIUM on Aesthetic Engagement: Introductory Note
— What is Aesthetic Engagement? Berleant, Arnold
— Grasping the Wind? Aesthetic Participation, between Cognition and Immersion Diaconu, Mădălina
— Aesthetic Engagement in the City Blanc, Nathalie
— Aesthetic Engagement: Art into Politics Erzen, Jale
— Aesthetic Engagement, Ecosophy C, and Ecological Appreciation Xiangzhan, Cheng
The World Achieved: Film and the Enacted Mind Carvalho, John M.
Influence of Global Aesthetics on Chinese Aesthetics: The Adaptation of Moxie and the Case of Dafen Cun Kit Wah Man, Eva
The Violence of Post-Racial Memory and the Political Sense of Mourning Frankowski, Alfred
Report on the XIXth International Congress of Aesthetics Ranta, Michael; Erzen, Jale
What is 'Everyday' in Everyday Aesthetics? Naukkarinen, Ossi
Experiencing Photographs Qua Photographs: What's So Special about Them? Benovsky, Jiri
Perspectives East and West Sasaki, Ken-ichi
Atopia & Aesthetics. A Modal Perspective Millet, Yves
Pornography and Disgust Stern, Laurent
In Praise of Ambiguity: Musical Subtlety and Merleau-Ponty Roholt, Tiger C.
Public Aquariums and Marine Aesthetics Semczyszyn, Nola
The Propaganda Power of Protest Songs: the Case of Madison's Solidarity Sing-Along Tuttle Ross, Sheryl
Hegel's Symbolic Stage: An Old Perspective on Contemporary Art Di Summa-Knoop, Laura T.
The Aesthetics of City Strolling Paetzold, Heinz
Crafty Entanglements: Knitting and Hard Distinctions in Aesthetics and Political Theory Daley, Kate M.
The Aesthetics of Resistance Patella, Giuseppe
The Definition of Everyday Aesthetics Melchionne, Kevin