Dalmatia : the land where East meets West.
Holbach, Maude M.
Page  [238]

With Forty-eight Illustrations
from Photographs by 0. HOLBACH, and a Map.
Crown 8vo. 5s. net.

  • Atheneum.-"A pleasant volume of travels, with some of the best photographs that we have seen."
  • Globe.--' Mrs. Holbach's story of her journeyings is told so descriptively, and painted in such charming colours, that one reads with pleasure all she has to say. The book is the strongest testament we have ever read as to the excellence of the Austrian government. The photographs are excellent."
  • Pall Mall Gazette.-" ' Bosnia' and Herzegovina' is an excellent, chatty and picturesque travel companion, which will be of very real service to those who take advantage of the manner in which Austria has developed these provinces as a most desirable tourist country."
  • Times.--" A pleasant little book. Not the least pleasant features of it are the illustrations."
  • Nation.-" The book is full of fresh and enthusiastic description of town, country and people. It contains some capital photographs."
  • Westminster Gazette.-" A fine series of photographs which are Mr. Holbach's contribution to the volume, a contribution of which he has every reason to be proud."
  • Car.-" Mrs. Holbach has found a very interesting subject and makes the most of it. Motorists in particular will find the book suggestive of a new touring ground which deserves exploration."
  • World.-" We derive nothing but pleasure from the author's picturesque and brightly written description of the exquisite and varied natural beauties of these two provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire."
  • Royal Geograhical Journal.-" The volume, with its excellent photographs, gives an attractive account of a country little known to the tourist; but probably soon to become better known. The style is light and pleasant reading, and the book will be found serviceable to intending travellers in the country."