Dalmatia : the land where East meets West.
Holbach, Maude M.
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By MAUDE M. HOLBACH With upwards of Fifty Illustrations
from Photographs by 0. HOLBACH, and a Map.
Crown 8vo. 5s. net.

  • The Times.--"The volume is attractive and entertaining. Mrs. Holbach sees with her own eyes and describes by her own standards; the wole country is a gallery of vivid pictures, and she has made good use of her opportunity."
  • The Globe.-" The author of this bright and pleasant book describes vividly her impressions of the land and its people, showing a talent for observation as accurate as well directed."
  • The World.-" A very charming and useful travel-book, with fine illustrations. It is a country of singular interest-historical, present, and prospective-described with sympathetic pen in her informing and brightly written little volume."'
  • Spectator.-" The story of the Dalmatian coast is a long and stirring one. The authoress writes with an enthusiasm which is infectious, and sure to tempt the tourists in Italy to cross the Adriatic. The book is illustrated with good photographs, enough to give her readers a notion of the pleasures in store for them. The architectural glutton has an almost unending feast prepared for him, we may be sure, and the painter of types and customs will find- rich material for hs--- canvas.
  • Manchester Guardian.--"The photographs are delightful, and the simple narrative and description that accompanies them is admirably fitted to encourage travellers to follow her example."
  • Saturday Review.-" Mrs. Holbach's account is picturesque,- her description of its people and places of interest being admirably suppplemented by the numerous illustrations for which her husband is responsible."
  • Dudee Advertizer.-"To read the beautifully written description of the country is to imagine that you have at last discovered the land where Anthony Hope's heroes meet with adventures and-the inevitable princess. The volume is illustrated by upwards of fifty reproductions of photographs, some of which are really works of art."
  • Notis Express.-Mrs. Holbach has accomplished a task, has, in fact, come through the ordeal with flying colours. She has produced not a stale, matter-of-fact guide-bok, but a highly instructive and decidedly entertaining book of travel. Mrs. Holbach goes about with the real traveller's seeing eye and understanding, has a facile pen, and a pretty knack of descriptive writing. The work is beautifully illustrated from photographs by Mrs. Holbach's husband."
  • The Car.-" Dalmatia deserves to be better known and Mrs. Holbach's volume can be heartily recommended to every jaded traveller who wishes to obtain information about a new and unspoiled touring ground."